Sunday, January 20, 2008


I'll preface this post by stating the following - So my back is out and I'm in bitch mode- big time. You've been warned, this blog is chock-full of cynicism.

So, we treated my mom to a great dinner last night at a beautiful new restaurant. The night started off really well. "D" had his golf glow on, spending the better part of the day out on the green which he loves but doesn't get to do very often. My Mom and I spent time together watching 27 dresses and then hung out for several hours in Borders bookstore ( I LOVE DOING THAT). We were to end this day of faboulessness with a wonderful dinner at a new restaurant, Taps in Corona.

So we enter Taps and who do we run into but a person who found out she was pregnant a week -2 weeks before me, toting week old baby in hand. Honestly, I'm very happy for them and the baby is beautiful ( she is also my BFF's niece, so really it's ALL good). But the look on New mom's face consisted of Uncomfortable/pity/empathy/shock, basically I know she would have avoided me if she could and honestly, I would have done the same. I put on the brave face " Oh, so good to see you and Congrats, doesn't this place have great food, let me introduce you to my mom. It was verbal diarrhea but honestly after we exchanged awkward politeness I was ready to head over to the bar and ask for a double martini with a tequila chaser. Even "D" who plays poker with her mister felt the awkwardness of the moment and was uncomfortable. In some sick way this was actually comforting to hear him say/recognize this.

Then during dinner my mother dropped the "Guess who is pregnant" bomb on me explaining that so and so is pregnant and in a hushed voice whispered the word - accidentally. URGHHHH someone take the crab fork away from me because I'm going to freakin poke my eyes out with it. Just as I draw the fake gun hand motion pretending to put it to my head and make the appropriate sound, my husband put his arm around me, kisses my cheek and saves me (as always- from myself) once again. How I love that man.

Ironically, I have a lunch date with a girlfriend at the same restaurant today and thankfully I cannot think of anyone else who was due recently. Watch there will be a monster baby shower going on..... HA


Ally said...

Oh, Kara, I'm sorry your lovely evening turned into something less than wonderful. Yikes. Please tell me there was not a baby shower at the restaurant today?!?!?!

Kara said...
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Kara said...

Thanks Ally - I really appreciate your sweet comment.

I almost fell over when I walked in to the restaurant and the hostess attempted to sit us next to a table full of pink and white presents. At that point, the girlfried I was with stepped up to the plate and said "We need a different table- on the other side of the restaurant". God love her. I could barely speak, I'm glad she did it for me. I'm so done with this week, next week will be better. It has to be.

Thanks again - Kara

Io said...

You're kidding me!? There was a baby shower? Ug.