Sunday, February 24, 2008


My week is looking slammed already - isn't that a great feeling for a Sunday evening. Checking work email should be ILLEGAL. I have this Sunday afternoon ritual of checking, answering and creating work email and I really need to quit it. Between work and school, I fear that I will not be able to post or remember to post the answers to the Truth and Lies quiz. Here goes and I've included information.

1. I have shaken Bill Clinton's hand TRUE
Bill was at a rally over at the Claremont colleges and I was standing in the front row getting squeezed to death while holding my cousin's three year old daughter, Megan. He took my (available) hand and while he was shaking it, held our hands together with his other hand. Oh, I was smitten and awestruck. Amazing presence and very, very tall. So charming and made me weak in the knees.

2. One wedding present we will treasure forever- an autographed B52's CD by the fabulous - Cindy Wilson. TRUE

B52's are one of D's and mine fave bands. Imagine our surprise and excitement when we were opening up wedding presents to find an autographed CD. My parents good friends Tom and Camille have connections around all parts of Georgia where they knew someone who knew Cindy and was able to obtain this sweet treasure for us. We listen to it all the time and make a point to listen to it on our anniversary.

3. I can sing the alphabet backwards.TRUE

While attending Catholic school, one year part of the Christmas/holiday program required us to sing the alphabet backwards. The only reason why I was able to memorize it and can still remember it is because of the melody. I can sing it pretty quick until I get to the letter J and then I have to think about it.

4. Back in my running days, when I was in shape - I once ran in the rock and roll 1/2 marathon. FALSE

I've always wanted to run a marathon and it's on my list of things to do after I finish the master's program. I have run 5 k's but no kind of marathon. When I do train for a marathon it will be the Rock and Roll marathon which is a cool concept. At every mile marker there is a band playing, I think that would be a cool thing.

5. I have a four-leaf clover tattoo in honor of my Irish roots. FALSE

I wanted one for many years but was too chicken due to the pain aspect. After infertility/dildo cams/injections/hsg etc, I think a tattoo would be a freakin walk in the park.

6. While traveling thru Amsterdam, I visited the red light district and watched a sex show. TRUE

I was traveling through Europe with a group of strangers who later became really good friends (Contiki). Our planned evening event for Amsterdam was the Red Light district so 10 of us headed off to the recommended "classy" sex show. It was actually really cool and I'm glad I went and watched it.

Ok - Hope everyone has a most excellent week!


Io said...

Darn it! I totally missed them both! So are you going to get a tattoo? It's really not back as long as it's on a flesh part and not a bony part.

Amanda said...

Sorry I haven't posted these yet... I tend to avoid memes only to keep my thinly veiled anonymity, but I'm considering this one :-)

kate said...

Dude! I got one right! Though, MAN! You tricked me. You are much more hardcore than I thought. I can't believe you've been to a sex show in the red light district of Amsterdam.

I always give my husband a hard time about the red light district. He's from an area of Germany that is less than 6 km from the border to Holland, so they went on school trips to Amsterdam all the time. He has a story that always starts,"I was wandering around, looking for this church, and somehow, I ended up in the red light district." HAH!!! I mean, I totally believe him, but I always razz him about accidentally ending up in the red light district while innocently looking for a church.

Kara said...

Io - No tatoo for me yet.... I'm thinking for my 40th b-day (just 5 short years away). It MUST be a clover - either 3 or 4 leaf or maybe a claddagh ring.

Amanda - No biggie about not posting yet. It was kinda fun but then again I'm a closet narcissist and I love to talk about myself.

Kate - You crack me up, I'm so not hardcore. I was lucky to have parents who were hippies and very open minded. On the other hand 12 years of Catholic school did lead to strong feelings of sexual opression. My trip to Europe was a blast and the sex show was really a highlight.

Are you guys going to visit Germany any time soon?

Thanks again ladies :-)