Friday, February 1, 2008


Well...... I was at work and the phone rang at 2:45 PM today while I was knee deep talking to miss crazypants retiree who was blabbing non-stop. We have caller ID on our phones at work so I immediately picked up the phone while simuteanousely telling the retiree to kindly wait one minute. It was the agency and our first contact "Y" who asks me if I have a minute (NEVER A GOOD SIGN). Stomach is flip flopping and I'm trying to get a co-workers attention who isnt getting my glaring stares as I mention y's name who she has heard over and over and over Urghhh. I ask Y if I can call her back, she says sure.

Twenty painful moments later, I dial Y's number and ask her what's going on. She states not much and just wants to provide an update. She stated that we passed the internal office requirements and the social worker is putting our case together (which had to be submitted by noon today- it's 3:20 ish and at this point I have a million gazillion questions for her) and blah blah blah, she needs a copy of both of our Drivers licesnes. Finally, she pauses. So I start firing off my questions and reminded her of our conversation and emails yesterday where she stated that there would be no "update", now she is backpeddling so quick her legs are tired. Ok, onto question number two -Why didnt the social worker meet her noon deadline? More fluff and blahbity-blah. Ok, serious tone is now present in my voice and trying to not sound like a raving bitch as I think about what they would write in the report to the board. Potential mom appeared really nice and seemingly normal until she flipped out one day on the phone.

So as I calmly end the phone conversation she quickly blurts out that the couple that was presented on Tuesday just got approved today. She also mentioned to be prepared for the board do give us requirements such as attending counseling for the miscarriage. Really, we need to open up that can of worms, I'm thinking? I ended the conversation and felt more confused and frustrated than I was yesterday. I've decided that Y doesnt know her head from her a** and I will deal with the social worker from here moving forward.

ahhh feel better already, thanks for letting me vent!


Jules said...

Well, Y certainly is a brainless twit, isn't she? You called it from day one. :(

Io said...

What the heck? I hate people who don't have there sh*t together. It sounds like she is capable of making everything a lot more screwy than need be :( Hope you don't have to deal with too much from her.

the Babychaser: said...

Hi Kara,

I found you through Io's blog, and now I'm totally freaked out on your behalf. Adoption seems so insanely scary and overwhelming. (Not the part where they give you a kid--all the stuff leading up to that.)

I guess it's because I'm still trying to cope with the IVF end of things, which I've done enough times that I know how it works. The idea of this failing and ending up having start all over again with a whole new process, records-checks and homes studies and paperwork and the being judged and all--it just terrifies me. *Shudder*

All I can say is hang in there, roll with the punches, and try to check up on the idiots as often as possible. I'm sure you're close to the finish line!

- Babychaser

Kara said...

J- you are spot on - brainless twit BIGTIME. Urghhh.

Io- I won't have to deal with her *once* we get approved. Here's hoping for a super duper super Tuesday.

babychaser - Love your blog, thank God for Io connecting us :-)Io's led me to many a good IF site- SHE ROCKS! Thanks for you sweet comments, it's always good to hear peeps rooting for each other. D and I are on pins and needles right now.