Friday, March 14, 2008

Last Supper

The lovely Kate at Bee in the Bonnet has posted her Last Supper quiz, based on a book focused on famous chefs "Last Suppers". Here is my list of things to eat on my last day alive. I couldn't do just a meal, I had to plan out the entire day. Please send me your last supper menu.

Breakfast appetizer -a tropical fruit salad with all of the fruit flown in fresh from Hawaii, including the pineapple. The fruit over there is amazing.

Breakfast - Would start with a glass of fresh squeezed OJ and a fried egg cooked in bacon grease (cooked by my beautiful Grandma Franck) with Ina Garten's fried potatoes and bacon or ham , oh hell - it's my last meal so I'LL TAKE BOTH. Let's put Grandma Kitty's Olalaberrys and strawberries on the plate so there is some nutritional value to this meal.

Lunch appetizer - Salmon bisque from Robins in Cambria ( this was one of our favorite lunch spots when we lived up North).

While we are here on the Central Coast of CA, let's just continue north and visit Big Sur for lunch, Nepenthe sounds great. I'll start with the roasted beet salad, the Ambrosia burger and Nepenthe's unbelievable french fries. I'll have a glass of Bonny Doon's Pacific rim White Riesling with this fine meal.

Lunch desert: Bread pudding from Big Sky in San Luis Obispo and an eclair from a cafe in Paris with a beautiful cafe Au lait.

Nap time: Three words - Post Ranch Inn

Snack time: Two shredded Chicken tacos, rice, beans and chips and salsa from Javier's Catina in Laguna Beach.

Snack desert: Gelato from Italy, preferably Lemon.

Dinner: My mom's lobster salad accompanied by some bread from Bread and Cie, a Del Monico cut steak BBQ'd by my handsome husband, my dad's pork loin in plum/cherry reduction, let's throw in some ribs from The Salt Lick in Texas, and for some CA BBQ a pulled pork sandwhich with the crunchy and creamy coleslaw that rests atop from Mo's, mom's amazing mashed potatoes and baby carrots or fresh from the garden green beans sauteed in plugra butter with a glass of J. Lohr's Hilltop-2001.

Desert: Sachertorte, home-made chocolate chip cookies and godiva raspberry cordials and a glass of Tempernillo.

And lastly, a family ritual - if we are ever up late with my mom or dad we have this ritual of eating french fries at midnight. With this being my last meal and all, I'm going to have to go with the Pommes Frites at Les Halles. C'mon you thought I was going to talk about food porn and not mention Anthony Bourdain? Eating Fries at midnight usually only works when we are on vacation at some hotel and is a really cool thing to do while visiting Las Vegas or NYC - cities that allow late night snacking/eating/dining. Let's consider it a nod to my youth, BFF Jules even named her blog after this habit of a sweet or salty late night snack turned ritual we started way back in High school.


Ally said...

Wow-that's quite a last day you have planned there! If you took guests along with you, I'd come! :) (Come on now, Anthony Bourdain?? Who wouldn't go??)

I don't even think I could come up with a single meal as creatively as you did, much less a whole day. Must've been the peep show that got you in the mood??

Steph said...

I don't think I could chose. Only thing I can really think of is fish tacos on a boat in Mexico. And that's only because they were THAT good and because the scuba diving we were doing was amazing. If I had the choice, I'd probably give up the food to dive!