Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Men that PMS

Do you know one? A man that acts so irrational, cranky and hormonal for at least one week out of the month that you want to offer him an Always or Tampax.

A man, obviously, has no reproductive capabilities (another one of God's cruel jokes) yet I swear they are still bitchy and whiny every now and again. I have one at home right now and though I love my sweet DH he is on a five day "bugging the holy crap out of me" streak.

Let me list the incidents that have led to this post...

- As referenced in an earlier post, we bickered the entire way to our Sat AM fost/adopt meeting until we got coffee and my God, if it wasn't over the most stupid things. So stupid, I cannot recall any of them at this point.
- Sunday - Couldn't find his other green sock and swore that I knew where it was and I had concocted a conspiracy against him with that sock and all of the others that are MIA.
- Monday - Completely cranky, McCrankster cranky pants for the whole 45 minutes we were together after I got home from school last night.
- Tuesday/Today - I showed a slight hint of interest in the I-phone tonight and he reminded me that I NEVER use my I-pod (slightly true, but seriously - I loose everything and I feel more comfortable using and thus leaving it at home). Then complained that I didn't give him a very good "Good- Night Kiss". Allllllllllrighty then.

I might be stressing a *little* bit right now with the final weeks of my first term coming to a close, projects are lining up left and right with deadlines right around the corner. Today, I felt a pain in my stomach I had not experienced since High school Senior year final exam week stressing.

Hopefully, Uncle Cranky pants (Aunt Flo's significant other) will bid us adieu and fond farewell leaving us to our happy home.

By the way, he is a super amazing man. Any guy that puts up with my crap on a daily basis, willingly( hmmm, I wonder if my parents send him a check each month -J/K) and has an amazing sensitive side ( he weeps freely and has a very caring nature). Since we have been married, he has written me a poem about how he felt when he met me, ran across a restaurant (ok, it was a small restaurant) to assist an elderly couple and has supported me through school, pursuing a life dream and held my hand while being super supportive throughout our whole IF process.

He is a really good guy and I'm a lucky girl.


kate said...

Oh, yeah. I hear you sister. I'm married to one of those as well. I think it just comes with the territory of being married to a sensitive man. They just feel things more deeply, and so when they're cranky-poopie-diaper-babies, they are even more extremely so.

If yours is anything like mine, then a good 20 minutes of "what's wrong, my sugar-baby? Are you okay, darlingdoo? Do you need some kisses, sweetness?", you know, a little irritating cooing seems to salve the little sensitive babies when they get their panties all in a wad. At least it works for mine.

Io said...

I took his sock. It was ME! Mwahahahaha...

I'm pretty sure that men *do* PMS. Al's mostly comes in the form of whining when it's time to go out to a dinner or something we've planned. Suddenly, I should never have RSVPed "yes" despite having asked him if he wanted to go and having him agree. GRR.

Barb said...

Your new background is cool!

You don't need to add the disclaimer in there. We have all been there and know what you mean. ;-) My husband is the best in the world too, but sometimes I just have to tell him to go take a nap!