Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Baby Mama

While checking my blogfriends, I came across Katd who gave a great review and was sharing about the movie Juno.

Let's talk about movies....funny enough, well ironic really - I used to LOVE, I mean really, really love these kind of chick flick movies but something odd happened. Somewhere on this crazy journey of infertility some movies were no longer of interest to me or even close to being funny - they hit way too close to some raw, unexposed nerve. My "tough as nails" husband shared this journey with me (he truly is a keeper - a total dude with a HUGE heart).

First there was the release of Knocked up (love Judd Apatow), it was just too close to our miscarriage to go see a movie about some chick who accidentally got pregnant, we failed to see the humor, at that time. Juno was released and we passed on that as well, just not ready to deal with another accidental pregnancy in the theater and we had a long discussion about where the hell were the movies headed and why did they all involve our quest to become parents. The night we saw the preview for Baby Mama, both my husband and I simultaneously said - Oh, that looks funny, I want to see that. Weird that we didn't want to see the other two and I can't understand if we are just at a different place in our journey or if we just really want to see it because we love Tina Fey and Amy Poehler and are willing to overlook the content?

So, here are my questions, to you all - Did you see Knocked Up, Juno or Baby Mama (I'm not even sure if it has been released yet). Am I the only one that wants to see Baby Mama?


kate said...

I passed on Juno, but yeah, I definitely want to see Baby Mama. Though I can totally understand why, for some people, this would hit too close to home, but I kind of look at it like just entertainment. And for me, it doesn't hit that close to home because I am not facing surrogacy, at least not yet. I mean, all movies require a stretch of reality (just watch an actor play the violin in a movie- half the time, it's on the wrong shoulder, and as a violist, that bugs me, but it doesn't make me write off the entire movie as fake and offensive, even though it would have taken the actor 2 seconds of Wikipedia-ing to discover how to more accurately fake it...).

Feh. I think that in all truth, the real reason I have to see Baby Mama is because I LOVE Tina Fey. She is my personal hero. Love her. LOVE HER.

Barb said...

I think Baby Mama looks funny. I think probably too unreal-comedy to be threatening to me.

Juno I can't bear right now. Knocked up made me cry.. CRY.. especially with the montage of baby photos through the credits. Crazy huh? And I had a complete meltdown (thank God it was at home) on DH's chest after Waitress. That movie KILLED me.

Ally said...

I saw Juno with a friend and really enjoyed it. It made me teary-eyed at times, but I was glad I made it through the film.

As for Baby Mama, I'm so there. (Well, I'd like to see it in the theater, but I rarely make it to the theater. Sigh.) At any rate, I always like a good, juvenile comedy and Baby Mama seems to fit the bill!

Amanda said...

I am having the SAME reaction. Didn't do knocked up, some (but obviously not enough) interest in Juno, but REALLY want to see Baby Mama.

Maybe it's Tina Fey?

Emily said...

Not. Quite. Sure. Just yet. Took me a while to go and see Juno and once I did, I absolutely loved it. And because I like Tina Fey, I do want to see it. But yet .... ?!

katd said...

Woo hoo!!! :) Thanks for the shout out! I felt just like you did about Knocked Up. I just wasn't ready to sit in a theater and say Oh, poor you, you got pregnant on the first try with some stranger. BUT, I did watch it at home, and it is funny. Judd Apatow is hysterical and so naughty, but I love it:) And you know my feelings about Baby Mama. I can not wait!! i love Tina Fey and Amy Poehler! Let us know what you think:)

hope548 said...

I loved Knocked Up - I'm a fan of their other movies. It was funny, and really not that hard for me to see with regards to infertility, but some of it stung a little.

Juno was fantastic. There were some parts that made me cry, but in a good way. You get caught up in the character and not so much that she's accidently pregnant.

I want to see Baby Mama. I've read from a few other bloggers that have seen it and they said it's hilarious, but did annoy them a little and even made them cry once or twice.

Tika's Blog said...

Hey -
I've seen Knocked-Up and Juno and they were funny. They both had their humorous moments. I have not yet seen Baby Mama but I am a huge Tina and Amy fan. I'll be watching it soon and I'll let you know how it is. I'm sure it's a good fun movie :)

katd said...

Hey - did you see it? I just posted about it on my blog. Let's chat if you did! :)

Jess said...

I would like to see Baby Mama...Mostly because it is from the other point of view. I saw both Juno and Knocked up, I though they were both aweful! Everyone else disagree's with me, but I think it does hit to close to home.