Sunday, May 25, 2008


Oops - bad foster mommy Kara gave out the kids real names. I knew about not publishing pictures but after visiting some other foster mom blogs, I think I did a big - No-no. I will be deleting their real names from other blog entries and those of you who know the names, please refer to them as their nicknames.

From here moving forward they will be called.... Little girl and Big girl.

If anyone has anything more creative, please let me know - my creative juices are simply not flowing at the present time and I don't have nicknames for them.

YAY Control-F works in blogger, I didnt know that.

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kate said...

yeah, I was wondering about revealing the names... I just figured that the likelihood of anyone with any connection to the girls (other than you and people connected to you, that is) finding out about them via your blog is slim, considering that the birth parents don't have a car, job, home, etc, so it's doubtful that they're hauling around a laptop finding free wireless to surf the internet looking for blogs about their kids. Could happen, and it's probably good form to not reveal personal details on the internet, but all the same- I'd wager that you're pretty safe, even with the brief amount of time that their names were up there.

Take care, and I hope you're having a great holiday today.