Wednesday, July 2, 2008


I just received an email from our agency contact letting us know that we have a new case manager (not a surprise) and thanking us for our commitment (basically blowing smoke up my skirt) and letting us know that the July "Families Available" list was distributed and we are on it.

D & I had a really long talk - with emphasis on the word long and have come to the determination that we are not in any kind of hurry to get another placement. We need some recovery time, I need to get my career change going and get a little bit more school under my belt and we are also changing our profile. The child will have to be either up for adoption or closer to the .26 termination hearing and we are opening our age profile to 6 or 7 whereas before we stopped at 5, we have always been open to any race so we aren't changing that side of the profile and have decided that we will give the agency 6 months to a year (starting 8/1/08). Realizing that the agency does not have control as to who becomes available, if this avenue does not work we will look at domestic and international adoption. In fact, we will probably start investigating/start the process within the next 6 months, just so we don't loose any more time.

If one more person tells me - "Watch, now you'll get pregnant"..... URGHHHH.


kate said...

Oh, I just KNOW that the positive pee stick will be coming ANYDAY. Of course, in order for that particular line of voodoo to work, you've got to actually get a baby in home and officially adopted. At least that's what I hear from people.

I think you're being perfectly prudent with your requirements for your next placement. And having smoke blown up your skirt just never feels as good as they seem to want it to. Just kind of makes everyone feel patronized, really.

But at least you didn't end up with loop of intestine permanently stitched to the outside of your abdomen last night, right? Go, cukes, GO!

Emily said...

Sounds like you guys are actually in a pretty good place with your plan and that you've learned a lot from your first experience. I don't think that I could even think about doing what you and D have done already.

The girls are lucky to have had you and hopefully they'll carry the experience with them as they grow.

katd said...

The "you'll get pregnant now" comments never end, do they? I seriously want to slap people who say that.

You have sure been through a lot, and I hope the next placement comes through quickly and easily!

Ally said...

Oh, for pete's sake. If that worked, there would be no children to foster. All of us infertiles would be scooping them up, waiting for the children to drop their baby dust on us.

I don't blame you for taking a break and taking it easy-you have earned it after this last run through the wringer.

Bri said...

I've been following your blog for a few months and I really enjoy reading. I love your fire and your drive! Follow your heart, whatever it tells you!

Io said...

I would just like to say that I glanced through last night and starred this to read later, but thanks to your title I have been singing Ch...Ch...Ch...CHANGES in my head ALL MORNING.
While it's great that as humans we (theoretically)can learn from experience and make changes for the next round, I wish that the first rounds were so damn brutal. ::hugs:: Here's hoping the next round goes more smoothly.

Barb said...

Good luck with everything Kara. I'm sorry it's been so hard.