Saturday, September 13, 2008


First - I swear, the vacation post is almost done - I'm still loading pictures and trying to load a video.

Second, the CSET was this morning. I registered and took the test today for one of the three subsets, Subtest III- Human Development, Art and Physical Education. There were 39 questions; 36 multi-choice and three essay. I was totally day-dreaming around question 10 - then decided to wake up and plugged through the remainder of the test.

Somewhere around question 25 I decided to see how many questions were left and went into a near panic/anxiety attack when I noticed there were a total of 39 questions. Who the hell puts 39 questions on a standardized test, I swear I do not remember this from the first time however the nice test proctor lady assured me this was Ok. I will be placing a phone call on Monday to the Testing registrar- just to double check.

Standardized tests suck, the reality is that it is a necessary evil. Honestly, I feel like I have been studying for Jeopardy. The content is completely random and alot of it will be useless to me as a teacher though one never knows when you will need to know exactly how many players are on a team for Volleyball. I did, however, KICK ASS on the essay portion so.....who knows. I walked away feeling completely comfortable - reminiscent of the very first CBEST exam of which I failed miserably.

Really, who knows?


kate said...

Ah, dude. You will rock the CSET. Especially because you've taken it before, so now you know EXACTLY what you need to do to rock it.

And those questions are RIDICULOUSLY random. WTF. I am comforted knowing that teachers in the state of CA have been required to learn how many players there are on a volleyball team. That is important to know.

Io said...

I'm sure you kicked that test's ass. Gah, isn't test taking just awful? I wish that you could just have people instantly recognize that you are awesome and don't need no stinkin' test. Of course I think that should just be true about life in general - I mean, sure I have no experience being a talking head, but shouldn't they recognize that I would rock and give me my own show on msnbc?
When do you get the results back?

Emily (Apron Strings) said...

I agree with you that standardized tests SUCK. But since you're already a pro at it ... I'm sure you did just fine, Kara.

Now, girlie ... I wanna see vacation pics!!

Ally said...

Kara, congratulations on making it through the standardized test wringer! I know how yucky, painful, and random the cert tests can be, so you have my deepest sympathies. I will be anxious to hear how badly you kicked that test's ass when you get your results!