Friday, September 12, 2008

Feet on the ground, head out of the clouds

I need to let you all in on something.

I feel as though I've been in deep, dark tunnel of fog, eyes glazed and feeling numb - for the better part of August and most of September (hmm, mild depression?) Kate - can you get me some "stuff" from Dr. Pinata? Totally joking. Between the girls leaving, my birthday, a career change in progress, gearing up for the CSET (tomorrow, btw - AAAAAACK), gearing up for school, spending an exorbitant amount of money on books for school and just really life in general had left me feeling very blah. Anyway, I am back and my head is out of the clouds. I have some exciting stuff to blog about. OK, maybe not so much exciting but some stuff to share that doesn't involve me whining and won't bug the crap out of myself. Does anyone else do this or this a special Kara trait?

I'm not one to let life happen to them - I am a go-getter. I do things, I do alot of things and like to go, go, go. Clearly, my lack of posting has affected my writing - but you get the point. No more of letting life happen, I plan to take charge and change the things I have control over.

Writing, something I really enjoy had became too painful over the last few weeks. I think I just had too many emotions and too much reality slapping me in the face, back and forth. I felt pretty beat up emotionally. So I got whiny, felt whiny and lived a pretty whiny life for a bit and now I am at a point where I am sick and tired of hearing myself whine. I am over it, I am over myself.

Thanks to all of you for waiting, watching, commenting, lurking and just really being there for me with a kind word or thought.

Stay tuned.

PS - I didn't forget about Vacation part two. It's really good, I promise.


Emily said...

You're gonna leave us hanging like that? No fair!!!!

I haven't noticed you be whingy at all to be honest (and I read most of your recent posts in one chunk) so don't worry too much but I am glad you feel like you're back!

:) xoxo

Jules said...

I haven't noticed you whining, either! I hear you on the blahs. I have them, too.

Emily (Apron Strings) said...

Aw, sweetie ... your posts aren't whiny! (Now mine ... a different story). This is what we're here for, to read whatever you need to get off your chest.

Good luck on your CSET tomorrow. I'll be saying a quick prayer for you ...

kate said...

try a product called GABA Calm. It doesn't require the input of Dr. Pinata, but I've found it effective for taking the edge off on days when the stress level gets out of control. You can get it at most health food stores, and I had Dr. Pinata take a look at it and she doesn't find any reason why it wouldn't be safe.

Might work, might not, but worth giving it a try, I think.

Can't wait to read about the vacation part II!