Friday, September 12, 2008


Work is really interfering with my blogging, long gone are my days of checking Google reader throughout the day and typing posts - when the thought hit my brain.

I have a great job and actually with the current economic climate I am grateful to not only have a job but a job where my skills are utilized and my team-mates are considered friends instead of co-workers. My immediate manager, is AMAZING - I am lucky that way, I've won the lotto of bosses throughout my life and have really never had any nightmare, ulcer-creating kinds to immediately report to. I have worked with my fair share of crazy people, they were usually higher up on the food chain in the company and I had moderate interaction, rarely having to directly report to the crazy pants kind.

I have made it to round two ( ding, ding - let's get ready to rumble) of interviews for a position in our department involving a nice increase in pay - seeing that I am already doing the work, I think I would be an exceptional candidate except for the fact that - I am going to school to become a teacher and they know this. In my initial interview, I stated and truly believe that I will not jump at the first teaching oppourtunity unless it is a really good fit. There are days that find me wanting to call Ed-Join and ask them if I can just volunteer or re-calculate for the 800 gazallionth time to see just how many months of the mortgage I could pay if I cashed in the mere pittance of a retirement savings that we have scraped to save the last three years ( Thankyouverymuchinfertilitytreatments). Realistically, I could be looking for a teaching job for another year or however long it takes me to pass the CSET. The truth is that - my ego will be bruised, if they choose another person and it will suckity suck suck suck because I will have to train the chosen one. URGHHHHH. I should get the position for the following reasons, I am dependable, I am a good employee with excellent work habits (blogging aside) and I have been doing the job for the last three months since our co-worker left. The main reason why I will not be completely distraught if I don't get the job is because I know I will want to do an exceptional job and this could adversely affect my schoolwork as there is only so much room inside my brain and most of it is crammed with terms like neuropschology, stanine and the elements of an IEP.

What I am scared of is this - I love to negotiate and they are considering on lowering the position to a trainee level, which starts at a salary lower than mine. I, of course, will not accept this position unless I recieve the appropriate compensation. I fear upper management will do a number of different things:

A) Offer me the job with the trainee level and same or small increase
B) Offer me the job with a long list of expectations, greater than what is currently expected, and I will be so mesmerized by a huge increase that I will say yes and then immediately run into the bathroom crying hysterically wondering how I will manage to do a new job with increased expectations and a Master's program, job change, attempt parenthood, run a marathon by the time I'am 38 and still come to work with clean underwear.

I am definitely not scared about the interview process, I love interviews because I love to talk about myself and my accomplishments and really one cannot be that full of themselves anywhere but in an interview with a potential employer or on a late night talk show. Letterman, Leno and Conan aren't exactly pounding down the door so I will use this as my format of choice.

Shortly after Wednesday, September 17th at 3:30 PM I should have an answer.

Wish me luck


Ally said...

Kara, I am wishing all my luck your way. I hope your fears are not realized and that upper management does the right thing (offers you the job at the pay you have earned and deserve). Definitely keep us posted!

Emily (Apron Strings) said...

Aw, Kara ... so many choices, so little time in life, eh?

Here are my thoughts. If said company offers you choice A, say "No way, Jose!" and walk away with head held high ... OR negotiate negotiate negotiate for a better price.

If said company offers you choice B ... well, wearing clean underwear every day is SOOOO overated. I mean seriously, you can just simply run into the ladies' room and turn them inside out. Presto-chango!

Seriously though, only YOU will know what is best for you. So when the time comes to decide, go with your gut.


kate said...

OOOOH! An opportunity to get paid for what you're already doing? Cool!

I can't wait to find out if you get it or not. And surely they won't change the job responsibilities on you after you've interviewed already? That would be pretty shitty.

You are a badass, and I know that you will be able to do all of those things that you listed, even with an awesome new job. And if you ever run out of clean underwear, then with your fancy new job, you can afford to stop on the way to work and buy more, right?

Io said...

Good luck - I am so ass backwards in my answering order. Darn google reader. I am so behind as always.

You kick ass and if they don't recognize that and give you lots of money, then fie on them.