Thursday, September 4, 2008

Painful moment

I was still on my vacation high driving to school cranking up Prince - We listened to the entire soundtrak of Purple Rain - multiple times. There are so many great high school related memories associated with Prince.

My class this evening was interesting, the teacher has the whole Sara Palin hair thing going and wears glasses. I should have taken that as a sign that things would turn south this evening.

We were given an assignment to partner up (urghhh - on the first night? crap) and complete an assignment where we were given the task of speaking about a student and where everything in the question applied to Big Girl (I won't bore you with the details). With the force of a blunt object struck to the head - a numbing, dull pain occured and all I could think of was that she is starting school and then my mind opened wide and questions were popping up -lightening fast.

The one I really want to know the answer to is - Will the pain of thier departure ever subside?

I think I realized why I liked our vacation so much. It was a much needed get-away from the reality of my life and reminded me of a time when we were blissfully happy. A time where the word infertility was not included in our vernacular.


Jules said...

It sucks when life sneaks up on you like that. I'm sorry.

Io said...

Ug. I'm so sorry you were blindsided with an assignment that would evoke emotion like that. Go listen to some Prince.

kate said...

Oh, Kara- I'm so sorry. It may not seem like it right now, but yes, I do think that the pain will eventually subside. And I do think that you will continue to have unexpected moments like this that knock the wind out of you, probably forever, but with time, I know that you will recover quicker.

Please know, though, that for all those moments of pain you have, you have created for me so many moments of happiness. It means so much to have a friend who knows *just* what I need to pick me up, keep me motivated, make me feel valid. I so sincerely appreciate the book you sent and have torn through it this last week, taking some serious inspiration from it's pages. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Someday we WILL get together and inspire each other in person.

Barb said...


Emily (Apron Strings) said...

I've been such a bad bloggie friend lately ... so sorry I didn't post earlier, but please know I've been thinking of you. We need to seriously plan our vegas vaca!