Thursday, September 18, 2008


Ovarian transplant was on the table at the Today show, which is good. There are people who are stricken with life threatening disease such as cancer and if/when it occurs at a young age they have to have their ovaries removed. Modern science has now made it possible for people to have them transplanted back and voila - conceive. Just like that, you know. One of the ladies who went through this conceived, went in and out of Menopause ( I had no idea you could go in and out of it) and is now pregnant again.

While these are interesting stories, I don't feel like they have captured the essence of the Infertiles. The people show cased were all out into an "infertile" situation consequence of a life-threatening disease - apples and oranges. My God - they survived a horrible disease, they should be able to have kids and as many as their heart desire. Perhaps they should have hired an Infertile to consult on this particular segment.

I just don't feel like The Today show has a pulse or rather a clue on Unexplained Infertility and so far have featured people who have successfully conceived. Which makes sense, people in emotional pain, wanting to become a parent and not being able to - probably not going to get them much viewership. I am happy for the people who were helped by the information today yet quite sad for all of us out there childless.

OK - I'm pretty sure I won't be watching tomorrow morning as I will be packing for SD - because tonight I am way too busy bloggin.

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Emily (Apron Strings) said...

Ugh. How annoying. I'm sure the story lines they pick are because they're of extraordinary situations. But what they really need to focus on is the "ordinary" ones. You know, those every day situations. The girls that get disappointed month after month, etc.

Okay, getting annoyed. Better stop.

Have a great time in SD!!