Sunday, October 19, 2008


I have been one busy bee today and have spent 80% of the day cleaning. After rifling through my Grandfather's belonging's I became inspired to rifle through my own "load of crap". Our bedroom had become this explosion of clothes resting upon 2 random chairs that were previously in our office. I am happy to report the bedroom is tidy, now if I can only get the rest of the house clean.

Posting will be spotty, at best this week, due to projects at school and then there is the job.

I got a chance to see my Uncle Joe this past weekend and he brought this great NY Times Article. Please do take a few minutes to read it, I like the message.

Make every moment count.


kate said...

Yay for cleaning! I ended up trying to (once again) fix the plaster on the wall under our showerhead, and instead, dug a 10" x 12", 1/2" deep hole, which had to be patched with sheetrock. And it's still not done- I have to keep working on it later today. Fun! I did this because I was in the process of cleaning for my mom's upcoming visit, and discovered that the plaster was basically mush.

Yeah. So excited about that. And I still have to finish cleaning the rest of the house before Friday.

I will simply look at your weekend's work as inspiration!

Ally said...

Good luck with the Giant Purge of Fall 2008! (If you're still in the mood to toss stuff out, feel free to come to my house. I could use an extra pair of hands!)

Best of luck as you wade through your many projects this week!

Emily (Apron Strings) said...

Wow. I can clearly remember my first "Condition A." I think I'd been a nurse for about two years by that time and lucky for me, my patient survived. But let me tell you ... it's definitely a life-altering event. Makes you realize just how precious life really is.

Having been a nurse for so long, I can't say that it gets any better with time ... or even, in my case, not being literally at the "bedside." Every time you care for a patient, whether it's directly at the bedside or over the phone or even as a home care nurse ... when you lose that patient, you lose a bit of yourself. It's definitely a toughy. But then, I wouldn't be in the career I am if I didn't have a heart.

Anyway ... YAY for purging! I don't s'pose with all ya have to do this week you wouldn't want to come to MI and purge out my house?!

Barb said...

Sounds like my bedroom which I'm fearing I will never get to. sigh.