Friday, October 3, 2008

Freakin China....

How cute are these mixing bowls from Williams-Sonoma?

I know - adorable.

I purchased them today - in this beautiful shade of red, got them home opened the package and noticed that they were MADE IN CHINA and they are melamine. Is everything made in China now? I know I can't believe that I just typed that either. I know the answer.

The latest scandal of traces of melamine in baby formula and food was so recent that I want to take these bowls back, in protest. I can't believe I didn't look closer at the details. URGHHHH.


Wishing 4 One said...

OMG they are SO CUTE, awesome color! But yes, didn't you know EVERYTHING is made in China these days, even here in Cairo!

kate said...

Oh, yes. I am definitely at times completely appalled by the dearth of merchandise hitting American stores that was made in China. And I know that we live in a hyper-litigious society, which means that all of the weird shit that China sends us (toys with lead paint/magnets/random sharp pieces that fall off, toxic foodstuffs, etc.) get a lot of press coverage (as it should...), but I do wonder sometimes if this is just recently happening more often, or if we are only recently hearing about it more often.

Either way, I am definitely seeing the Made in China tag way too often for my comfort these days, especially from places like Williams-Sonoma, where I pay a premium for quality or hard-to-find goods, and as such, I expect to not have to worry as much about the origin of my goods. I mean, Target, I get. It's a discount retailer, and China ships craploads of discount goods. But Williams-Sonoma?

Yeah. I'd be pissed, too.