Thursday, October 16, 2008

Finding the humor in life - It's interactive, move your cursor over the objects. and will just take a few minutes. I love the gun and what falls out of the trash can. - For the Irish Barack supporters, it's quite funny.

I will be moving my Grandfather into an assisted living facility which will have moments of humor (hopefully) sprinkled over a hot mess of a sad day. He doesn't want to go, I don't blame him. He is mentally as sharp as a tack, his body cannot keep up with his mind. He is going to a beautiful new home where he will meet new people, make friends and be well taken care of. From his point of view and the reality of the situation is that he is losing his independence, his cats will go to a new home and he is starting at the beginning of the final chapter in the book that is his life.

I know he will do fine, he is a total character. If he lived in LA he would probably try to be friends with the people below.


Emily (Apron Strings) said...

OMG! Hubby just sent me that palin link, too and I was having WAAAY too much fun with it!!

Ugh ... what a difficult time this must be for your grandfather. And even though everyone (including your grandfather) knows that this move is the best for him, it still sucks knowing that this is one step closer towards closing that circle in life.

But woh, can you imagine if Hugh ran an assisted living? LOL!

Kara said...

If Hugh ran an assisted living facility, my Grandfather would be selling body parts and organs to be there.

kate said...

Love the palin link. I forwarded it to my mom and bro after I saw it here this weekend. She got a real kick out of it, but snotty little bro was all, "Tiff (his fiancee) already sent this to me, so I've seen it before". Yeah, yeah. Whatever.

I'm going back to see what's been updated today.