Thursday, October 23, 2008


I've long used the word above as a synonym for a more colorful phrase. Yes, years of Catholic school ( I don't know what else to blame it on) have attributed to my mouth that sometimes sounds like it belongs to a sailor - mostly when I am driving.

I came home today at noon, due to a migraine. I used to brag about my one time a year headache and bemoan my impending death. HA, well - now I am getting migraines and while yesterday I should have heeded the warning of the pressure on my eyeball that felt like it was going to pop out of my skull throughout the day, I barreled through getting ready this morning refusing to recognize other signs such as the sore, stiff neck and EVERYTHING seemed too bright or too loud this morning.

So I came home to rest (that lasted for about 5 minutes) and then I started on homework. I turned on the TV, so the quietness of the house would not be deafening, to the Food Network channel where there was a commercial for


I know, we all secretly love and loathe Martha all at once. I even have an Aunt named Mary and she is such a Martha groupie, we now call her Aunt Mary Martha. Even better, how fun - to be able to poke fun at your mom on national TV. OK, I love my mom but there are days were I would be able to fill an hour slot of poking fun - EASILY and when your mom is over the top and ever so talented Martha - WHY THE HELL NOT?

Ok, now I feel guilty (Definitely a result of Catholic School) -
Shout out to Sherrie, I love you mamacita. You are the most kind, giving and loving person I know. Love, your kiddo (you know, the good one).

While my brain is feeling less like it will implode it is now sore. From.Being.In.Pain. I'll be back when I am feeling better. Bleh. I mean Bye :-) - ouch, it even hurts to smile.

EDIT** - Thank you Chlomid for the migraines, never had them before I took that IF drug.


Reggie Boppy said...

So sorry about your migraine! I too suffer from those motherflowers :) Honestly Clomid was the WORST fertility drug I took. I all the drugs for IVF were nothing compared to Clomid. Hang in there ;)

kate said...

I, too, suffer from the occasional migrane. And I spent most of this summer suffering unexplained headaches that were about a hair away from what I would call a migrane (they would start just like a migrane but never fully progress into the crippling pain). My doctor thought it was stress. I'm thinking that you, too, might be slightly subject to that possible cause as well- just maybe!

And yeah, I saw that show, too! I got all excited about it, 'cos I mean, HOW FUN, right? But then I saw that it was on a channel that I don't get. Sucky. Oh, well.

I hope you get to feeling better. I will be silently "Whatever, Martha"-ing my own mother all weekend long...

Io said...

Ooo...sorry about your headache. I am lucky in that my sister got the awful migraines gene. She has horrible migraines all the time.
I think all mothers are meant to be loved but made fun of. The scary part is that I am slowly turning *into* my mother.
Heh. The word verification is "excel"

barb said...

clomid left me with some nastiness too.. more achy ovaries than before and more bloating.