Sunday, October 12, 2008

Santa Ana's, Movies and Dinner

I am not feeling any better, in fact, much, much worse.

The Santa Ana's flew through our town today, kicking up debris, pollen and moving anything not tied down in everyone's backyards - this does not help my sinus/cold situation. While shopping at Costco today with my mom I purchased the Tylenol cold and sinus medicine day and night time remedy super size pack. Honestly, I really hope I am not sick enough to warrant the use of this entire pack before it expires in two years. We went for Rotisserie chicken and turkey pot pies and came out with just a few more items than that. We were able to split a bunch of stuff, like the loaves of La Brea Bakery whole grain bread and the chicken salad. I was able to talk both myself and my mom out of the Christmas nightlights that were only ten bucks. They were too cute, but really - a pack of 3 Christmas nightlights. Who the hell needs Christmas ornament nightlights. I also came close to picking up a pack of q-tips until I read the fine print and noticed the quantity said 1,175. CHRIST - really, over a thousand q-tips. I think in these economic times, buying in bulk can be financially savvy - if you have 7 kids, however I think you have to draw the line in the sand, somewhere today I drew mine with Q-tips.

I've been watching lots of movies this weekend and basically laying low or rather horizontal. I gathered the energy to drive to Orange County (aka land of the republicans) to watch Rachel getting married. Amazing performances and Miss Hathaway did an outstanding job - Oscar worthy performance.

As I pulled up to the shopping center to meet my friend Raquel I noticed a ton of people out holding signs. While I was hoping it was to end the war or support Obama, I was saddened and frustrated to see the loads of supporters holding Prop 8 signs, hardly any protesters, just a few. Suddenly, with the weight of the world on my shoulders - I felt a wave of guilt for not being out there to hold a No on 8 sign. Could I talk Raquel into ditching the movie and running to the market to get supplies to join the protesters. I remembered that I was meeting the person who was the Maid of Honor at my wedding, a close friend, who was involved in a horrific car accident a week ago ( the car is totaled, btw) and whom I have spent little time with in the past few months during our short stint as parents. It must be part of that whole - How do I have it all feeling I felt a few posts ago.

Other movies we watched this weekend were:

Ironman- I know, I already gave the review. I forgot to mention that while we watched the movie I commented to D about how I loved Robert Downey Jr.s private airplane, D agreed - especially after he saw the stripper pole pop up in the plane. He wondered if Virgin Atlantic had installed those in their planes yet.

In the land of women - Good, thought it was going to be funnier. It's not, quite sad actually.

Zohan - Stupid funny and D's friend from High School is in it, so we got a chuckle out of seeing Ahmed Ahmed. I love how Adam Sandler make silly movies that still have a bit of a message in them. I also love to see the random people he puts in his movies - Kevin Nealon, Rob Schneider, John McEnroe.

Juno - This one took a while, I wasn't at a good place to see it when it came out in the movies. Just.Too. Painful. I found moments very difficult to get through, all in all - very good movie. I loved that note she put in the frame.

While at the theater, we watched previews for two really cool/interesting movies coming out soon. The first is Milk. This will be a great one to watch - it's about Harvey Milk, California's first openly gay elected official. How I love Sean Penn, he is one of those folks that I love as an actor and would love to be his friend - in real life.

The second preview we watched was Doubt with Phillip Seymour Hoffman about a Catholic priest being accused of molesting a student. Co-starring Meryl Streep, this should be a good one.

And then there was our dinner this evening, I should really get some monetary compensation from Trader Joe's with all of the free advertisement I give them.

Steak - It comes already cooked (close to the prepared foods section). I placed it in some Plugra butter and melted Gorgonzola cheese, quickly searing it and took it to Medium well for me and Medium for Duane. Not too bad for reheating steak already grilled/cooked steak.

Green beans with Pancetta. This is quite possibly my fave veggie recipe and fave thing to take to potlucks, it really couldn't be any easier. Stick the bags of green beans in the microwave, fry up some pancetta and make the dressing (olive oil, vinegar, mustard and a shallot). Combine all ingredients and toss with dressing. YUM YUM.

Mashed potatoes -As mentioned in previous posts, my mom is from the South and makes AMAZING home-made mashed potatoes. We never ate instant growing up, in fact - I didnt even know they existed for the better part of my life. Once I discovered the Idahoan instant potatoes (and tried to serve them to her) I thought she was going to disown me - until she tasted and fell in love with them. We don't make them all the time - just every now and then.

Ok - Now I am off to have a glass of this

And eat some of this

Sooooooo good. Why yes, I am feeding my cold/allergy problem. BTW, the pain in my mouth was a piece of the sharp unpopped popcorn lodged into my gum line. D jokes that there is crack in the cracked pepper popcorn. We are both addicted to this stuff.

Have a great week folks!


kate said...

Mmmmm! That dinner sounds effin' fantastic! And a big fat glass of wine would be awesome, too- esp. that wine! I really did enjoy the bottle you sent.

Will have to try the popcorn.

You know, it's weird living here, 'cos I grew up in the (very liberal) state capital of Texas (a very conservative state). So protests everywhere, but especially in front of the capital, were just a part of everyday life. But here? I can't remember the last time I saw someone picketing, regardless of which side they were on. It's just like politically everyone here is so easy going, that no one stands for anything. It's just bizarre.

I guess what I mean is that I read your description of the picketers, and even though the pro prop 8 people would piss me off, I did get a little twinge of nostalgia reading that!

Barb said...

Fun post!