Friday, January 23, 2009

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It's a chilly 57 degrees here on the surface of the sun. I love these days as they are so few and far between, in sunny California. What an amazing week- the inauguration, a new president, a fresh start.

I get emotional when I think about this letter from the Bush daughters to Sasha and Malia and while I am in complete disagreement about the political beliefs of both their father and grandfather (I am really holding back here, trust me) I think the letter is honest and poignant, written from both a daughter and granddaughters view. I got a bit choked up when I heard the letter read from Jenna and Barbara Bush this morning on the Today show. My favorite part of the letter is the very end...
"Many people will think they know him, but they have no idea how he felt the day you were born, the pride he felt on your first day of school, or how much you both love being his daughters. So here is our most important piece of advice: remember who your dad really is."

Has anyone watched United States of Tara? The premise is Toni Colette married to hunky Aiden (John Corbett) from SATC living the American dream, great family and dealing with multiple personality disorder. Her alter's come and go, each one being uniquely different from the next. I love it, it's great and I can completely identify with this character. Going through IF I have often felt like someone who has multiple personalities. There is Everyday Kara who deals with IF on a daily basis in the best way she can, there is K the chlomid induced bitch who rolls her eyes when she hears of another pregnancy in her life and is quite rude with the staff at the RE office. Another alter- Miss K who goes out of her way to host baby shower after baby shower or buy copious amounts of presents for people having babies. Catch the show, if you get a chance - brilliant.

My ass is seriously draggin and I couldn't be happier to be off of work today. Occasionally, we will get a three day or reduced work week due to a holiday and my 9/80 day colliding in the same week and for some bizarre reason I have yet to figure out - these weeks are the weeks I dread at work. The workload increases ten-fold and this week we had the addition of the air in the office is being filled with tension, the morale is incredibly low and our team at work where we are normally quite amicable have been notably *short* with each other. We are all just stressed, freaked out about the economy and very tired.

I am most happy to be working on the computer on a non-school related item. Kate assigned me the letter "A" in a meme I loved and I am no just now getting around to posting this.

So here it is...Ten Favorite things that start with the letter A

1. Anthony Bourdain – C’mon, you didn’t think I would let my ten fave things list escape AB. Why is he a favorite of mine? I find him charming, funny, witty, smart and sexy with the added bonus of loving pork almost as much as I do.

AB walking down a path in the Azores

2. Anantasana pose -

One of my favorite poses in yoga that helps me stretch before and after I lace up the running shoes and hit the treadmill. It’s been awhile since I’ve hit the treadmill as I am STILL coughing violently. I’ve got an appt to see my PCP on Friday and if he can give me something – anything – you know, lung transplant, cough medicine with codeine- to help control this cough. Anyway, I love this pose and the peace it brings. It is one of my most favorite leg stretches ever.

3. Aged cheese (with a nice glass of wine, of course) currently, any cheese from Cowgirl creamery is such a treat. On Monday, I met my Aunt and Grandfather at a cute farm where they make Gouda (aged about 60 days). I purchased both smokey Gouda and habernero jalapeno Gouda, both strong and tasty and couldn’t believe that home-made cheese was a short drive away from my home. My Grandfather is doing really well these days, both physically and mentally and we all enjoyed moo’ing at the cows (that always reminds me of The Far Side) and taking in the whole farm scene.

4. Anthropologie – Though I mostly purchase gifts for other people at this fine store, I do love their clothes – they are just not in my budget. I am a *sales only* girl due to working retail early on in my career. I know that EVERYTHING goes on sale and I won’t purchase until it’s been discounted at least once. Our anthro store has a cool little room devoted just to their sale items. It’s fun to sort through the home goods and clothes.

5. Academy Awards – I love award shows… well mostly I LOVE the red carpet, the dresses, the makeup and the JEWELRY and the pre-show interviews. I am lucky to be married to someone who is not only patient enough to stay up for most of the entire show but who truly enjoys watching the award show, hearing the speeches and sharing a teary eyed smile when we watch something moving - like Kate Winslet's comments at the Golden Globes. I am a Lucky girl. Here's hoping that Mickey Rourke will wash his hair since he is now an Oscar nominee. I miss old Mickey Rourke from my raging hormone teen days and his pre-botox/plastic surgery days.

6. Avocados – Oh avocados, how I love thee let me count the many ways. My favorite thing is to take a ripe avo and slice it on whole wheat crackers or toast. I eat avos’ with everything and usually eat one a day with lunch during the work week and they have the added bonus of being heart healthy.

7 Alternative music - I graduated high school in 1990, right before grunge became the scene. I can vividly remember the transition from listening to the top 40's station featuring the hit sings I would love to roller skate to and then listening to Blondie, David Bowie and other 80's staples starting around 1984-ish. Suddenly, reading Vogue, Elle and dreaming of living in NYC as a famous fashion something (I can't draw/design and I am vertically challenged) replaced my roller skates. High fashion became a part of my life when I was freed from wearing the green, brown and white plaid Catholic school uniform where my life as a clotheshorse began.

8 Ashton Kutcher - He’s got good looks and a goofy sense of humor. I have to say I am not a fan of the truck driver hat look, so glad that fad has passed but I still think he just a major hotty pants.

Thank you Calvin Klein

9. Art – I can remember the day that Andy Warhol passed away, an icon in pop culture and realizing that art can impact so many parts of our lives. I don't have a favorite genre or artist. I love going to museums and living in So Cal we have many in close proximity. I have to say that my top two faves are:

The Getty Center (the Villa is ok also, my heart belongs to the center)

Walking into the NS is like visiting a lavish, palatial, Pasadena estate. It's welcoming.

and the first place I viewed a Degas in real life.

10. Adoption – It will help me achieve my goal of becoming a parent


kate said...

Oh! I love your list! I could have written most of it myself... will have to try that yoga pose- I need some new stretches.

(Did I tell you, BTW, that H has a conference in San Diego in November... maybe we can workout some sort of get together???)

It's funny that it was 58 degrees in W-S today, and I was outside reveling in the warmth! Perspective, perspective, perspective...

I have not watched the United States of Tara, due to the fact that we do not get Showtime. And I am pissed at my cable company for continuing to promo this show that I badly want to watch that happens to be on a channel we don't subscribe to. Can't they keep their tantalizing advertisements to themselves??? Not fair!

mrsmyrtle said...

Hmm. . .wonder if they will put it out on DVD? Sounds intriguing. . .

Happy ICLW!

Cassandra said...

I agree that Ashton is a hotty pants but what's the deal with that shirt? Is it bunched up or is he really wearing a half-shirt?

I have to disagree, though, about Getty Villa vs. Center. I haven't been to the Center since the remodel (and removal of all the art) but I used to go there a lot, and it really sparked my interest in Mount Vesuvius and fostered my existing interest in antiquities. Also located next to a great beach with wonderful tidepools. Every time I have gone to Getty Center it's been so smoggy that I couldn't enjoy the view (though as far as art goes, yes, it's fabulous of course, and more conducive to enjoying the art, and the architecture is great... fine, it's good too, but the Villa is a sentimental favorite).

Happy ICLW!

melissa said...

What a fun list, I will have to steal this sometime. I love cheese! and the Getty, which needs another visit soon.
Thanks for sharing