Saturday, March 28, 2009

Finding myself and the happy pills

I know, I know.... a new blog - I promise I am still working on that. Until then, I have to be quite vague in giving info on this one as I am confident there are folks reading here that are, um -how shall we say - UNINVITED. Yes, soon to be ex-husband's new girlfriend that would be YOU.

Any special shout outs to "Soon to be ex-husbands new girlfriend" - please feel free.

So, what can I share?

My life is wonderful

I have lost an enormous amount of weight

I got the boob lift and reduction I wanted

I am having hot, hot amazing sex

I have a man in my life who is kind, loving, intelligent and just all around plain amazing

I moved out of cubeland, got the amazing corner office, found out I don't have to go to furlough and I still have my job

School is great, kicking ass - making good grades my future's so bright, I gotta wear shades

So for those of you who know me IRL you know the truth, for those of you who know me through the Internet I hope you haven't think I have completely lost my marbles and I promise the "real" writings of Kara will soon be available and for the poor schlep (or any poor schleps in the future) who are dating my ex- please go seek professional psychological help.

Some of the above information may be completely fabricated, slightly exaggerated or untrue.

I am putting together the email list for the new blog - if you are interested and want to keep in touch, please email me -
XOXO - Kara


Io said...

Oh lordy. Dear soon to be ex-husband's girlfriend. I totally understand why you are reading. Hell, I'd probably do the same thing in your place. Just be aware that if you so much as make Kara gag or roll her eyes, I am a mean ass motherfucker who will cut a bitch. So enjoy that dickhead that Kara is finally free of all you want. But don't even look in Kara's direction.

Lassie said...

Hey there, soon to be ex-husbands new girlfriend!

I totally get why you're reading this blog. I heard your new boyfriend is kind of creepy, so you're probably looking for better ways to spend your time. You'll enjoy Kara's blog. She is wicked cool and funny! And have you seen her? Soooooo pretty. In fact, she's one of those girls that other girls are envious of. You know the ones, really smart, pretty and funny- the whole package. She used to have bad taste in men, but recently, she even fixed that!

annacyclopedia said...

Um, hi, STBE-H'sG. Unlike Io and Lassie, I have no idea why you'd be reading Kara's blog. It sort of strikes me as something a 12 year old would do. Like, why torture yourself with the recounting of Kara's awesomeness unless you're too young and naive to know better?

Oh. My. God! That's it, isn't it? You're a fucking TWEEN!

Gross. You should probably go back to watching Hannah Montana or wanking to fantasies of whoever it is tween girls wank to these days. Seriously, sweetheart. Twelve is just too young.

Emily said...


I know why you're here. You want to know if all those things STBE-H have told you about his "shrew" of a STBE-W are true. You want to know whether the nagging feelings in your gut about this guy are true. That he seems so blameless and together and ready to move on. That he's sure he's not going through a midlife crisis and he really wants to start over. With you. Which all really feels like complete bullshit to you but then again... So you're here, trying to discover some of that there "truth" that people speak of.

Hear this. Kara is an phenomenal woman who has been treated incredibly badly and I don't know about you, but I believe in Karma and I SO wouldn't want to be around when STBE-H gets the karma kick in the ass he deserves.

Just sayin'...

kate said...

Hi, Homewrecker!

I hear that you and Kara's soon-to-be-ex have known each other for a while.

I want to be all sweet and considerate and "two-sides-to-everything"-ish right now, but I just don't have the patience. I'm tired and you blog-stalking my friend makes me mad.

So instead, I will be blunt. Women like you make me sick. This is Kara's place to be surrounded by love and warmth and friendship, not to be threatened by some trashy ho. So step off, yo. Go start your own blog. Maybe after you've built up your own community of like-minded sluts, you can have people to cry with when D leaves you, only to hook up with his OTHER ex-girlfriend...

Maybe you aren't a slut. Maybe you aren't a homewrecker. Maybe you're just really naive, and think that somehow, you and D will just make it work. But listen. Once a quitter, always a quitter- if he left a gem like Kara, don't think for an instant that he'd stay with you when the rain starts to come down (and the rain always does come down).

Either way, just go away. This is Kara's place, and if you're looking for any sort of evidence about what Kara is like, all I can say is that she's clearly more clever than you, as she has hooked up with a cool dude who rocks her world, while you have hooked up with a loser. So.

Erm, okay. That is all. I am so sorry, Kara, that your safe place may have been invaded. That just blows... Soon, you will start a new blog, and we will all follow you over there!

Amanda said...

Hi Sucky, Homewrecker, Stalker person.

You suck. But not as much as the loser asshole who can't be honest and shat all over a great girl like Kara. That's major suckage.

Enjoy your voyeurism. If he's done it once, he'll do it again, so someday you might have your own blog stalker.


Kara said...

I seriously LOVE you guys.

I feel so thankful,appreciative and grateful to have this kind of amazing support.

I read both my blog post and your comments to my mom (she has read my blog a whole 2 times) and she thinks you all are the bee's knees. I think you are all wonderful, remarkable and all around BRILLIANT.

You have all made this horrific, scary, frightening time as best as possible and I thank you for that.