Saturday, January 26, 2008


Io - This update is for you and the 4 other people who read my blog. I cannot tell you what you do for my self-esteem. Your last comment was really cute, thanks - I needed that. Sometimes I think - does anyone read my blog?

The meeting went well, D was good about not spilling so many of his beans. I swear last time I just wanted to look at him and scream - stick a sock in it, really man. He gets chatty when he gets nervous, I start cussing like a sailor when I'm nervous. What do you do when you are nervous?

Back to the update, it went ok. Borrowing a phrase from Jules, I plan to be cautiously optimistic. We completed their internal office requirements of the three different meetings + time requirements. As far as a timeline goes, the social worker stated that she will meet with the staff where they will analyze our "case" and decide if they will submit us to their Board of Directors. They will let us know next Thursday of their decision.

If/when we are approved by their office then they will submit our case to the Board the Tuesday after, which is also the primary ( YAY- GET OUT AND VOTE!!!!) . More hoops to jump through.

When we are approved, we will go through several training classes and then we get approved for our home study which includes locking up my really nice Henkel chef knives and baby/kid proofing our entire home + garage. After that, our child will find us. Somehow we started talking about children's books and our social worker stated that she was looking for someone to write a children's book explaining the fost/adopt program and then looked at me and said, I remember you stating that you like to write. In all seriousness, I would LOVE to write a children's book and especially about something so important like this. I looked the social worker straight in the eye and said if we get approved, I will write the book.

We had my mom, dad, bro + Sis in law, niece and nephew over tonight and everyone (well, the adults anyway) were asking questions and seemed to be getting a wee bit excited about this journey of ours. I'm not sure how we will explain our new addition to my darling nephew who just last May we told him there was a baby in my tummy. Thankfully, this four year olds have short attention spans and memories.

I will update as soon as I hear any news and thank you for reading my blog!


InfertileMyrtle said...

What does HGP mean? Excuse my ignorance...
As we r paying for everything out of pocket, I will be asking him to put me on injectibles instead of clomid.
I want to make sure we have the best chance of this working and I hear clomid isnt necessarily the best shot!
I am so excited to hear about to hear about the rest of your journey.
This is such a special time for you and I am so excited and hopeful for you. Where are you adopting from?

Io said...

;) I'm happy to read your blog. Even when I don't comment, I am reading. I am so happy that I started a blog and have this amazing community of women that have become my friends. I appreciate that you read my blog too!
I'm glad everything went well on Friday - I'm terrified of us having to adopt and me saying something stupid. I'm probably like your husband - When I get nervous I start talking. Loudly. I usually end up trying to joke around and say something offensive, with a big obnoxious smile on my face.

Jules said...

I had a blast with you yesterday and can't wait to get more updates! :)

Jules said...

P.S. When I'm nervous I eat, ergo, my ass.

Kara said...

Well hello ladies that read my blog, thank you for your responses.

infertile myrtle -You used the HGP -human Guinea pig reference in your last post and I totally identified with it as I have felt like an ongoing science experiment for the better part of 2007. I just thought that was really cute HGP:-).
We got pg on a combo cycle of chlomid and hcg, good idea to start out with a little more power. We had a doctor who was very conservative in her approach, I wish I would have switched doctors after the first couple of months, who knows. It's hard to take risks when you are talking about your health (+baby)though. I wish you the best of luck. We are fost/adopting through an agency that works within our state (CA). Even though we are traveling down this road, I still really identify with those going through treatments.

Io - My only regret is that I didnt follow my BFF's advice earlier and start blogging a year ago. The suppport I've found is unbelieveable and I really treasure it!

The process is awkward - there is a balance to achieve between not looking too perfect(whilst flat out lying about stuff) and not revealing too many flaws. I have a feeling this week is going to be very long.

Jules - my BFF, I had a blast also and your right the white dishes make a great contrast against the dark wood. Check out my latest toy on pots on stove.

Io said...

Well, I *am* perfect: They just might not *realize* it...