Friday, February 22, 2008

Finally.... an answer (kind of)

I arrived home this afternoon to find a message from "Y", on our answering machine (don't get me started, see below), stating that the board (who, btw, sounds like just one person) needs further information and we should have a final answer on Monday. I will translate that agency time, meaning - 3 weeks from Monday. I could have sworn I had given her every number of ours + family and friends but she swears up and down that I never gave her my cell, whatever.

I was quite proud of myself - I was able to maintain composure while explaining our frustration of agreeing to thier request to make a committment to this agency and spinning our wheels for 3 weeks while we could have simultaneously gone through other channels thus increasing our chances. In a nutshell, they (the regional office) will prepare more information and submit it to the decision maker. The deciding person is sick today(of course) so we should have an answer on Monday.

Here in Southern CA, we are having mild showers and it's gloomy outside which is fine- I plan to go grab a bowl of ice cream(apparently I want to wear a mumu and not a swimsuit when we go to Cancun) and hit the books. Hope everyone has a really great weekend!

Can't wait to watch the Oscars....

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