Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Lesson

Clearly, there is a lesson here for me to learn.

Maybe I need to work on my inter-personal skills, perhaps I need find an excersize to increase my patience. Around 11:00 AM this morning, I sent an email requesting an update from "Y". Around 1:30 PM( no joke) she states that the Board has been hit by this "horrible flu and everyone is sick". Apparently, no one on the Board has ever gone through Infertility or tried to adopt because I'm pretty sure if I was on the Board I would at least try to teleconference the members who could not attend because I would recognize the importance of this meeting. But hey, that's just me.

Part of me ( the emotional side) just wants to call them and scream SCREW IT!!!! We have decided to go with another agency. The logical side knows that would be a horrible idea on so many levels. First let's start with the inappropriateness of such said act. Secondly, I'm sure they would report me somewhere and put a note in my file stating "Infertile and Psychotic" (Hey, there's a name for a blog, hee hee). Lastly, I don't know if I have the energy to re-start this process at this point in the game.

D and I thought maybe this is some kind of psychological test - "How bad do they want the child". Let's push them to see how much bullshit they will put up with.

On other news ..... I got a photo ticket for doing a "California Stop", the picture was undeniably me. I nearly shit a brick when I saw the "courtesy notice" stating that I owe the County of San Bernardino $391.00 OUCH..... That is going to adversely affect future spa dates and trips to Banana Republic and Ann Taylor. Some good news, we are taking a REAL VACATION to Cancun YAY!!!! Our first in a long, long time. Can't wait. Getting excited for my cousin Brenna's wedding and I offered to host a bridal shower for her. Hopefully, we will be bringing a special guest to her wedding in San Francisco this coming August.

There is always hope, I haven't given up, just frustrated beyond words.


kate said...

Sucky! I think my first instinct also would be to tell them to screw it! But then, I would also come to the same conclusion that you did, that there's probably some file out there that would be stamped "Insane and Angry" or whatever.

And YIPPIE for your vacation! Sounds awesome. H and I went to the Yucatan for our honeymoon, and we fantasize all the time about going back. I know you guys are going to have a BLAST!

Io said...

Yeah, there's probably communication between agencies or something and they'll call ahead and tell everyone you're Angry and Impatient.
Crap like this always takes too long - it's bureaucracy on a micro-level.

And that SUCKS about the photo ticket. I am super glad we don't have that here.