Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Good, The Bad and the Very Ugly

The title of this post is in honor of the tattoo D has of Clint Eastwood. This tattoo has been the subject of much discussion around these parts the last 24 hours, but I digress. This is a review of the good the bad and the ugly of this week.... I've been meaning to post. No free time till now.

The good - Seeing my nephew tonight with his big, happy smile and spending time with my mom.

Observing a SPED class for the first time.

Got the DMV out of the way ( I know, if the DMV is on the good part, what the hell is the bad and the ugly on this fine list going to contain) - required info for Agency. Also, knocked out all kinds of paperwork and forms that are required. Today, D finished alot of the household requirements - lock up toxin's, put tot locks on cupboards.YAY.

We got our passports for CANCUN - we can now leave the country anytime we want.

Staying up late and updating my blog instead of doing homework.

The bad -

Trying on a bridesmaid dress that I had to squeeze into and wondering how long it will take for me to faint due to dress constricting my lung capacity to inhale or exhale. I'll be calling David's Bridal in the morning to see if they have the next size up. BTW, wedding is next Sat and I still have to get it altered.

Taking car to EZ lube yesterday and then finding out today on the way to our Fost/Adopt required class that the mother flowers decided to not bolt some piece of plastic that holds the oil pan in the car which caused us to miss said meeting. URGHHHH. I HATE EZ LUBE. The really weird thing was that D and I both had a "feeling" that something weird was going to happen sometime today. We can reschedule the class and are happy that we are safe and sound.

Seeing co-worker who was expecting same time I was with new baby in tow.

Going to 2 funerals within the last week for two women who were very different from one another but had profound influence in my life. The first was my cousin's beautiful wife who passed way too young of cancer. Second, was the grandmother of a really good friend of mine,Regina. She was 92, so hospitable and kind hearted. She also had a cool sense of humor, she loved Halloween and just this last year went as a nun.

The Ugly -

D got a tattoo (years ago) and when we first started IF treatments at Kaiser they told us that he had at one time been exposed to Hep C (more than likely from the needle at the tattoo place), because his blood work showed the exposure it ruled out our choice of going with IVF or IUI.
We go to get the results of our physical on Friday and the doctor tells D that while Hep C is appearing on the blood screen, it shows up in the form that his body has created antibody for it. He adds, he is puzzled at why our RE had told us that we cannot due IVF or IUI because the antibodies for Hep C would be good for any fetus and that this was detected by a new piece of equipment at Kaiser.

HOLY FRIGGIN SHIT - Are you even kidding me right now? I called RE who was out of state (of course) on Friday so I will wait to speak with her on Monday. Not that this will change our direction, but it was really like picking a scab that was almost completely healed and boy was that sucker bleeding. To take away someones choice to become a parent, I could not think of something worse.


Jules said...

I'm still ticked every time I think about it.

kate said...

Geez. I cannot believe your RE would misinform you like that because of Hep C. And now, that scares the shit out of me because I have an enormous tattoo that mere weeks after completion, it was discovered that it's creator was Hep C positive. And then a few years after that, an ex called me to tell me that he was Hep C positive. At the time, my doc told me that it was HIGHLY unlikely that either of those scenarios could have transmitted the virus to me. As a matter of fact, SO unlikely that the state wouldn't cover the $600 diagnositic test. But now, I'm a little freaked if even exposure can cause issues with IVF. Shit, that sucks.

But, back to you! I'm sorry you had a bad issue with your oil change. Unfortunately, I've heard about this happening at places like Jiffy Lube all too often. I just recently learned to change my own oil, but I don't know if I'll do it again, since it's kind of a pain.

And GOOD! Passports! Cancun! YAY! The Yucatan is one of my favorite places, and I'm so excited for you guys! Cool!!!

Kara said...

Thanks Jules and Kate - I appreciate the support for my big, fat whine fest.

Can't wait to get the RE on the phone....We are currently playing phone tag.