Saturday, March 8, 2008


D and I met my mom and nephew for dinner tonight and had a great time.

We continually talk about our fost/adopt progress with my brother and sister in law and our nephew hears alot of it. My sister in law has graciously offered to baby sit for us, once a child is placed with us. We want to prepare my newphew with as much age appropriate information as possible. How does one explain adoption to a four year old? Here is the latest attempt at explaining it:

Auntie: C, how are your chicken fingers?

C: Good. Auntie, is there a baby in your belly still? (At this point, I'm thinking - OK I know these pants make me look fat but, really?)

Auntie: (eyes welling up with tears) No sweetie, remember the baby went up to Heaven and is with Grandma Kitty. Now the baby is an angel, watching over us. Remember? (We've had this convo a few times now).

C: Oh yeah.... But now you are going to find a baby right?

Auntie: Well, we have to put our name on a list and wait for a phone call, it could take a long time.

C: What about the babies mommy and daddy? Won't they miss their baby?

Auntie: Well, they might be too sick to take care of the baby so that is why we are going to help them.

At this point his attention span changed and we were onto something else.

A little background, we discovered we were pregnant a week before Mother's Day last year and planned to announce our big news after we surprised our Mom's first on Mother's Day. The Thursday before we were out to dinner with my Dad, brother, sister in law, niece and nephew and decided that we would tell our Nephew to tell Papa (my Dad) that Auntie is going to have a baby. Our nephew did a great job and tears were flowing. Apparently, he still remembers that moment as well. Poor guy must be so confused, he must be thinking- when is that bun coming out of the oven? That evening is a great memory for me reminds me of the happiness I felt during the short time I was pregnant.

The rest of that time is like a bad dream that I keep hoping to wake up from.

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Steph said...

This is so sad and hard.
My godchild asks me 'where's my baby' over and over. She loved the boy. how do you explain it so a 2 year old understands?
I feel for you.