Monday, March 3, 2008

Pre-Cert Training

We attended our pre-certification training this weekend and while it lasted all flipping day long on Saturday and the better part of Sunday, we walked away feeling really good about our choice to pursue this path.

First, they aren't shy about the possibility of developmental delay or babies born addicted to illegal substances. You could see the look of shock and horror on everyone's face. I could see where the speaker was going and rightfully so, I think they want to make it sound horrible so they can get rid of the folks who are wussies. There was a prospective parent who also happened to be a therapist and reminded the speaker that not all babies who are born addicted will become addicted as adults, become pregnant as teenagers or turn to crime. I would agree, I believe there is a certain amount of "organic" influence in our life but mostly, I believe, it is the environment in which the child grows in that determines their eventual outcome.

We watched several videos on the foster care system and went through several psychological exercises as well as guided meditation. The speaker announced that we were one of the most sensitive, smart and positive groups she has ever interacted with and we were going to receive a special surprise. I stated out loud - ARE WE GETTING OUR KIDS NOW??? The room busted out in laughter, who says pain and humor aren't related? The surprise was a family who came in and shared their experience and their kids (all 3 of them) who were absolutely adorable We left drained physically but emotionally excited. At the close of the day on Saturday, there were hand-made quilts given to each couple and they were made by some ladies at a local senior -center. I was overwhelmed with emotion and it was all I could do to not just fall apart, at that very moment.

Sunday found us beyond tired and racing through Star-million-bucks (Duane's nickname and trust me he loathes corporate -anything so getting him to go was a huge ordeal) ordering Venti super duper caffeinated, non-fat, mocha-latte thingy's to help keep us awake. It wasn't the material or the speakers - it was us. So on Sunday, they were determined to make me shed a few more tears. Call it shear exhaustion or PMS'ing but at the close of Sunday evening, we were given the cutest teddy bears ever..... Overwhelmed.

I feel like we really bonded with the other couples and some of the ladies who were doing this process on their own. This week we will get our physicals (OK, who's singing Olivia Newton John with me???) vehicle inspections, schedule our First Aid/CPR class and gear up for our next set of classes this coming weekend.

I've attached photos of the blankie and bear.

The print on the blanket has animals dressed in medical garb (visiting the vet?)

Cute little bear


Io said...

Hee. I love your outburst.
I'm so happy this seems to be going so well for you, even if it is exhausting. How sweet is it that they gave you a blanket?!

Ally said...

It sounds like you had an awesome weekend. Exhausting, yes, but in the best of ways!

Vivien said...

I found the whole training process incredibly exhausting emotionally. On one memorable occasion we were doing 'adoption stories' and there was a little wooden doll, supposed to represent a child - he was passed from foster carer to foster carer, to show how unsettled a life he had had, and finally they gave him to me for adoption - I very nearly burst into tears.

Have you thought of using that blanket or bear as an introduction to your future child? If you sleep with it, it will smell of you, and before you are even introduced to the child it can have the teddy, and when it meets you, it will already know your smell. This is very much 'normal' practice over here I think.

Kara said...

Thanks guys!

Vivien - That was sweet about the little wooden doll, thank you for sharing that with me. Great idea about sleeping with the blanket and bear, we started last night and it brought us alot of comfort as well.