Friday, April 4, 2008

**New Homestudy Date**

We have a new homestudy date - May 2, 2008. I was a little bummed for about 5 seconds and now that we have an extension there is a tremendous weight lifted off of my shoulders. FOrtunately, it was not I requesting the new date. I called our agency to get clarification on some forms and was introduced to our new "contact" "L" (though we still have the same social worker - which is ok) as "Y" is no longer with the agency. I knew about this change but I dont think I blogged about it - sorry.

In the discussion, I confirmed the date of the homestudy and "L" stated that her first homestudy will be on April 28th where she will be trained ( OK - I'm so happy that we will not be her first and deal with the dynamics of someone "in training") and since our's was scheduled for April 18th we will need to reschedule. What I don't like to hear from people (because often it is a big fat lie) and what followed after the statement about having to reschedule is " I was just about to call you" . BULLSHIT. No you weren't - it's your first week on the job lady and you are probably just learning the lay of the land. C'mon - who are we kidding, do I sound that naive?

Of course, with her holding our Golden Ticket, I have to be nice which just really kills me when I "HAVE" to do anything but as stated before it really is a good thing as we need some more time and most importantly ( I reminded "L" of this) the time schedule wasnt our request.

D and I both had concerns about getting finalized and then going on vacation and the whole - not being around when they called for the first time in addition to these intense background searches that my mom and SIL will need to go through. D also has "stuff" to do around the house to help us pass the homestudy such as putting those locks on the cupboards, the faces of the electrical outlets need to be screwed in, as many are off due to painting when we moved in and locking up the toxics which apparently(and to my surprise) we have alot of.

May 2nd will be here before we know it. YAY!!!


kate said...

May 2nd. Wow. A hard date, a committed new contact... That makes it seem so real and so soon! I mean, I know April 18 is sooner, but March totally flew past, and so will April, and MAN! I'm SO excited for you guys! Woohoo!!!

Io said...

No kidding. Time seems to be flying lately. May 2nd will come up quickly! Yay!

Shawn & Lisa said...

Good luck with the homestudy! Everything should be fine... I worried before our two home visits and they went super smoothly. And it is a nice excuse to get some of those projects done around the house :)