Saturday, April 5, 2008

The other IVF

Part two of the "Step up To Writing" course is where I spent the better part of my day today and I must say it was much better than last Saturday as Bitchface was MIA.

Funny thing though - my life, for the last few years has been comprised of this twisted lexicon of those of us TTC and the nomenclature represented by acronyms regarding different levels and aspects of infertility. Imagine my surprise when I see IVF stated at the top of one of the "reproducibles" (side note - every time the presenter mentioned that word I felt like saying - Do you know, you make reproducing sound so easy? Well reproducing is not easy and it should not roll off of your tongue so easily OK, it's just not that easy..... Hmmm, I think I'm PMS'ing). Once again, I digress, apparently IVF - in the teaching profession, regarding English means - Identify the item, select a Verb and Finish your thought.

It is nice to have a positive, new meaning to an acronym that I've associated with something negative.


Io said...

Hee. That's funny. It throws me off to see IF acronyms used for other things. The other day I was reading a friends blog and the title had SA in it and I was like - why is she talking about sperm analysis?!

Ally said...

Hee-I should start paying more attention to IF acronyms being used in the "regular" world. I'm sure there have to be several hilarious examples of that out there!

Tika's Blog said...

Hey School BFF-
I'm glad to hear the what's her name was MIA at the writing workshop. It was a neat workshop and I'm glad we both had the chance to go. There was a lot of info. that we will soon put to good use once we have our own classroom.
Regarding the whole acronym thing...well you know that in the teaching world we'll learn new ones all them time. From one year to the next everything changes so we'll have to keep updated on acronyms :)