Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A diversion

Michelle tagged me for a fun little meme, I have never seen this one before, so here we go.

4 things I did 10 years ago: (1998) - Can't find my journal from this year so I'm going off memory - SCARY....

Watched Frank Sinatra perform in Las Vegas ( this might have happened in 1997 ), Don Rickles opened and cracked racist jokes about everyone including - the Irish.

I had finally transferred from Community College to National University and was dating a guy who was also attending National and was a teacher. He turned out to be a total a$$ and broke up with me on Valentine's day.

Lived with my good friend Panda, drank mudslides every night after work and spent alot of money at the Cabazon outlet mall.

I went on a blind date with a guy (set up by my mother with our accountants' son, her selling point was that he had a good job and made good money) who had been beaten so badly with the ugly stick that it was just plain scary. Jacked up teeth, stunk and was sweaty. He tried to hold my hand after dinner and I said " Oh, no Thank-you". OK, at least I was a rude sort of way.

4 things I did 5 years ago: (2003)

Left a job where I was traveling every other week for days at a time throughout Southern CA, Nevada and New Mexico.

Started to worry about why we weren't pregnant yet after 3 years of not being on birth control and being, ahem, newlyweds who spent a lot of time in the bedroom. I started looking and seriously thinking about going back to school and started my research where I finally applied in 2004, started in 2005 and then graduated in 2007

Watched my little brother marry a beautiful, kind hearted and sensitive woman who has become the sister I never had and always wanted.

Left KROQ's Inland Invasion concert to go meet a beautiful little boy named Cole Patrick, my nephew. My heart forever changed. the very thought of him brings a smile to my face.

4 things I did yesterday:

Paid $4.09 a gallon for gasoline (OUCH).

Paid $5.00 + tax for a subway footlong (Italian BMT on Jalapeno bread, spinach, cucumbers, carrots, jalapenos, oil and vinegar) which I ate 1/2 of for lunch and the other 1/2 for dinner.

Made homemade egg burritos for my supervisors little surprise breakfast buffet - she had her last day of school and will graduate with her MBA, next weekend. She has been amazing and supportive of my career change and has turned out to be a really good friend. I made 5 whole wheat ones filled with egg, spinach, jalapeno cheese and salsa and another 5 using regular flour tortillas with egg, spinach, pancetta and garlic. Amazingly, I also made it to work on time.

Our Nationwide rep ( who has been bugging me to move my 457 and 401(a) accounts back to NW from AIG) opened up to me about he and his wife's IF challenges and wanted information about our agency. Amazing, truly amazing how many people are going through this horrific health problem preventing great people from becoming parents.

4 shows I love to watch

Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations ( I know, what a surprise). Another mad crush that I LOVE to watch is Jamie Oliver, I'm a sucker for a cute boy with an accent - especially a British one and Jamie fits the bill.

Re-runs of Friends and Sex in the City

Run's house - totally hooked on it. Let's not forget how much I love all 80's music, even a little rap.

How I met your mother and New Adventures of Old Christine - both shows make me laugh out loud! I also love Weeds, The Tudors and Big Love.

4 things I love to do:

Read for pleasure

Make people laugh

Be an inspiration

Send people cards in the mail, so nice to receive something other than a bill and there is nothing quite like the written word and seeing someones familiar penmanship. LOVE IT.

**This was fun**

I tag the following....Kate, Io and Katd


kate said...

Ooh. This looks fun! Glad to be tagged.

And damn. Now the cold, low-fat coffee cake and skinny vanilla latte I had for breakfast are just not going to cut it. I must have these breakfast burritos of which you speak.
That has been one thing that has been so disappointing about living here in NC is that there are no breakfast taco places here. I mean, that's the regular standby back in Texas- $1 potato-egg-and-cheese breakfast tacos from the stand on the corner (and there seems to be a stand on almost every corner!).

Lucky you getting to see Frank Sinatra. Sorry that Don Rickles was a racist POS.

And yes, I would love to write people, too, if I had your impeccable taste in (and access to said adorable) stationary. As it stands, I wrote out a cute little card, and then carefully sealed up your package, only later realizing that the card was still on my desk. Oh, well.

Look for mine soon. My boss is out of the office today, so I'm going to see if I can spend literally the ENTIRE work day without even opening the reporting applications that I use. Lofty goals, I know.

Barb said...

So glad you did it! Loved reading your answers. Your egg burritos sound YUM! Look at me.. focusing on the food as usual. ;-)

shinejil said...

I love how you made the hippy, whole-wheat and the less healthy but probably tastier burritos. That's so sweet, somehow: I always wish someone would think of us hippies and our wholegrain ways.

What a combo: Sinatra and Rickles. Whoa.

Kara said...

Thanks for the comments ladies :-).

Kate - I think you have a business oppourtunity ahead of you. The great people of NC need these $1 breakfast burritos, you speak of. The local health departments are really cracking down on our "food trucks", especially in LA where they are more common. I love the potato/egg breakfast combo wrapped up in a tortilla. Throw in some chorizio, Ohhhh quite tasty.

Sitting through Don Rickels was painful but to see Frank Sinatra, right before he passed - truly a legend.

Barb - My world revolves around food, I'm always thinking/planning/dreaming of the next meal.

Shinejil - Thanks for posting, I've seen you over at Io & Kate's blogs and always enjoy reading your posts. I need to add your blog to my faves. I'm struggling and really trying to eat mostly whole grains. I would love to not be tempted with flour tortillas but the husband is not quite on board with the whole-wheat, multigrain tortilla yet. Slowly but surely we will get there.