Thursday, May 22, 2008


I've got names - OOOOPS - Not supposed to make names public and in my excitement forgot to ask which name belonged to which child. I was actually quite worried about their names so this is a huge relief, might be a bit shallow but this is my own reality show so....

SW "L" stated, once again, our placement could be today or tomorrow. Hmmmm, this sounds familiar. The good news, as stated by the SW, is that the County is thinking long term and that might be a reflection of how the parents are doing on their "plan" and she mentioned that in the past she has seen the County put kids into a home that is set up for temporary placements. "L" was also quick to add and remind us to think of this as a straight foster placement as we do not know how well the parents are doing on their plan. Obviously, so much easier said than done. She reminded me that this is not how the normal time frame is played out, as this is a unique situation. Usually it takes the County a week to get any approval and they are cramming ours into 2-3 days.

My stomach is continuing its routine of back flips and cartwheels.


kate said...

Very sweet! Erika and Isabelle. Ooh, I'm on pins and needles with you! The possibility of a long term placement? Yay!

Io said...

I love their names! Eek! How on earth will you SLEEP tonight?