Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Crying game

OK, little girl is every day of two years old and I might pull all of my hair out and loose my freaking marbles if she cannot get to bed with out SCREAMING like someone is trying to kill her. My mind has a million reasons for this, she must have been removed from birth parents at night, she must think we will not be here in the morning or she is like every other 2 year old and just does not want to go to sleep for fear of missing the action.

Here's the thing, I'm PMS'ing hardcore and when she started to cry today it took everything I had not to cry also. I also wanted to cry ( and stick my head in the oven) when she purposely poked me in the eye (it's ok, I'm laughing now - feel free, get a good chuckle) and called me a bully while we were in Ralph's, oh and she was screaming Mama in a different tone than what she calls me which is like a million little daggers into my heart because I'm not the Mama she is screaming for.

Big girl wanted to remind me (as we were driving home from the spending $300 bucks on clothes for her and her sister at Old Navy) that Renee the social worker stated the girls may go back home in July. Urghhhh. Big Girl has a few intense speech and language challenges, for instance her problems with syntax are so common, today she stated "we go back home in July maybe, Er-nae said we maybe". Big Girl's summer school is paid for at a nice Catholic school here in town and we are going to work on getting her caught up.

We have our meeting with our agency social worker tomorrow and a support group meeting on June 19th - YAHOOOOOO.

I'm looking forward to going to Big Girls school tomorrow where she will receive the citizen of the month award and Duane an I will be there to greet her with balloons and flowers.

Suddenly, things are looking brighter.


Emily said...

You are amazing. I can't believe how well you are handling all this with such grace and aplomb! I hope its good news when you have you meeting with the social worker!

Io said...

Please girl, you have been BUSY! (Whoops, I typed busty there for a second! Hee!)
I am so continually impressed by how well you handle these girls - I know I keep saying the same thing, but it's true.

kate said...

AAAAH! The two-year-old scream-fest with a scoop of PMS on top? Wow, you deserve frickin' sainthood for not breaking down in tears and/or be-ovening your head.

And man. I know that you're a strong person, but to be constantly reminded by your kids that they "belong" to someone else? Ugh. Can one person be sainted twice? 'Cos if so, you're a shoe-in.

Chelle said...

Wow, you are a very patient woman. I'm not sure I could handle the older girl's comments. Are they as snotty in real life as they sound? Or am I just taking them the wrong way? I totally could be taking it the wrong way.

Hang in there tough girl. It sounds like you're doing awesome so far.