Sunday, June 1, 2008

Socks in the city

We had a nice weekend of tra-la-la-ing around the park in our dresses, sans flowers and stepping into dog poo (thank you careless people who take their dogs for a walk and let them crap in the park and then choose to NOT clean up- WTF???) and chasing after balls. If I had any energy I would get my lazy butt off of the couch and grab the digi-cam and upload some pictures - sorry, it's not in the cards for this evening as I have several hours of homework ahead of me and I'm trying to catch my second wind. I have done more laundry in the last three days than I have ever done in my life, I hear a collective sigh from both the washer and dryer when I walk out to either start, move or remove laundry. Duane hasn't quite got around to putting my clothesline up and I fear that our carbon imprint is enlarging substantially with every diaper I throw into the trash can which totally bums me out.

Ok, back to socks - these girls came with 3 or 4 huge garbage bags full of clothes (and a few toys) and have about 3 outfits that fit. Apparently, the first foster mom - let's call her "ffm" did not like washing socks or underwear because honestly - these kids have about 100 pairs of socks and Big girl has close to 50 pairs of under-lovelies. Washing, drying and matching socks have pretty much sent me over the edge - death by socks. I'm so tired of looking at socks..... Ok thanks for letting me whine.

**Spoiler alert**

I watched SATC today with my IRL BFF Jules , my mom and several other ladies who all happen to be huge fans of the show. I'm not sure if there was something with the format ( Do we need to see SJP mole on her chin? It's kind of gross and I like my movie stars to be glamorous but hey - that is just me) or maybe the transition from 1/2 hour series to 2 hour movie was just weird to me? What was REALLY upsetting from being an infertile is when Charlotte gets pregnant and her doctor (yes, they wrote the following in the script) said- it would happen as soon as they adopted and stopped trying (or something to that effect). So, tell me - people who wrote the script for the SATC movie - You couldn't throw a rock in your circle of friends and hit someone in the head who has not dealt with infertility? Disappointing, very disappointing and somewhat offensive.

I've said my peace.


Jules said...

Well, I'm glad you said it. Since I'm not in your shoes, I didn't want to bring it up and potentially upset you more (because I knew it would--understandably so!)

I remember the scene crystal clear: in explaining a seemingly unexplainable pregnancy, the doctor said it sometimes happens to woman who have adopted and are no longer really thinking about getting pregnant.

I thought it was offensive, too, and made light of a serious medical issue. For shame, SJP!

And yes, the mole is gross. It would be better if it were brown, or something. As it is, it's like a pimple without a head on it.

Io said...

EW. Dog poop and painful stupid movie scripts. They both stink.
I'm glad you had the pretty dress picnic though!

kate said...

Aww! It sounds (dog poo aside) like you had an awesome weekend.

I read a spoiler summary of the movie, because I was curious, and was a little dismayed by the Charlotte pregnancy. I mean, it seems like with this movie, they are trying to wrap the series even tighter than they already did, with each person getting some form of a happy end, but IF Charlotte getting miraculously knocked up is a little much to stomach.

PJ said...

I know! About the Charlotte thing, I mean. What was that all about?