Friday, June 20, 2008

Random thoughts & Occurrences

What's on the mind you ask? These are in no particular order...

1) Mama mia commercial reminds me that I have a mad hot crush on Pierce Brosnan. He must do botox or maybe its all that clean hippy living in Hawaii?

2) Our high today is supposed to reach 113 degrees - welcome to the surface of the sun....

3) I *HEART* google reader, I need to stop typing Goggle reader though.

4) My husband, while he is the love of my life, cannot multi-task to save his life.

5) If gas prices get any higher I WILL buy the vespa that I've always wanted. I wonder if they have a hybrid?

6) Movie recommendation - God grew tired of us, it's a must see. We watched it in my Teaching & Cultural Diversity class last night and it was quite moving. Made me want to go to Africa and adopt all the young children there.

7) I tweaked my back and I have no good reason - it might have something to do with picking up and putting down a 40 # toddler?

8) R.I.P. Tim Russert.

9) Secretly wept when my sister in law told me that my nephew asked Big Girl to marry him. She had to remind him that she was only in his life temporarily - ok I might have paraphrased that a bit, you get the point though. We are all working to help my nephew understand this concept.

10) My 100th post came and went -I forgot to celebrate. This might be a reason to crack open a bottle of wine tonight. I have not had a glass since Sunday.... Speaking of which - will be mailing wine to both Kate and Io, hoping they do not think of me as the world's biggest flake.

What's on your mind today?


kate said...

1) I do not know this commercial of which you speak, but yes. Pierce Brosnan is a cutie, and I hope he continues to age splendidly, botox or not!
2) Christ, that is HOT! My goodness! That's Texas-Hot, dude. It's one of the few reasons I'm glad to be in NC.
3) Google Reader rocks my middle class world.
4)Yes, H is slow like molasses, and multi-tasking would require attaining some speed and agility, which means that multi-tasking will NEVER be something he does.
5)I saw a Kia model the other day advertised at 38 MPG, and I kind of had to wonder whether that was accurate or not. But I have to say that I was tempted. Even with the Hyundai Accent and it's 28-34 MPG, I want to get more... And I do keep attempting to convince H to get a scooter to ease some of our transportation concerns, but due to his inability mentioned in #4, riding a scooter would probably be pretty dangerous.
6)If I ever decide to get Netflix again, I'll put that in my queue.
7)eesh. I hate back-tweaks. I've been trying to do more stretching lately to avoid that exact problem, but the back stretches are hard and they make me feel stupid and clumsy, so I never want to do them. But I probably should anyway, you know?
8)Yeah. I miss him.
9)Sad. That's just really sweet and really sad. I'm sorry for your nephew.
10)Congrats on 100! And YAY for wine! And bigger YAY for sending me wine! Yaaaaay!!!

ay wine!

Io said...

Good grief! Try not to melt or burst into flames or anything! Hothothot!

I think the VMB should total get vespas. Fertiles need minivans, we get vespas. I want a mint green one with a matching helmet.

WINE! Lord, I could totally use some of that.

Wishing 4 One said...

Vespas or mini hummers for VMB? I say Hummers...LOL!!!

Its hot here too, think it reached 100 today and now at 3AM ita almost 90 still. Good night its late I should have slept long ago....

Barb said...

Definitely number 5. Sigh.

Ally said...

1. YUM! Enough said about Pierce. Is it the eyes? The accent? Who knows. Who cares??

2. That. is. Awful. Feel free to come and visit me-our high is supposed to be a sunny 77 today!

3. Google reader is awesome, isn't it? I do believe I am addicted.

4. It sounds like your husband and my husband are long-lost twins.

5. Isn't the Vespa cute? If I thought I could use one without killing myself (and if it work well in the snow), I might contemplate getting one!

6. I love movie recommendations-thank you!

7. I love my chiropractor. He's a godsend.

8. I know. I was shocked when I saw the news report of his death.

9. I'm sorry, sweetie. So sorry.

10. Yay for 100 posts! I'm celebrating for you!

DC said...

Three things:

1. Pierce Brosnan is the only celebrity I've ever met who's better looking IRL than on screen.

2. I'm so proud to be a Californian!!

3. Welcome to the VMB, gangsta'!