Sunday, June 22, 2008

This weekend....

Our neighbor dropped off these nice veggies from his garden...
Maybe it's me, but they are kind of phallic (sp?) looking veggies.
My Mapplethorpe-esque display of veggies continued.
The orange thing is actually a cucumber.

I came home Friday night from work exhausted, Duane and I fed the girls, gave them a bath and put them straight to bed. It was actually kind of depressing. Saturday morning at the crack of dawn's a$$ we woke up at 5:30 AM, got ourselves ready and got the girls up at 6:00. We got them ready in RECORD time and we were out the door at 6:40 AM for our 7:00 AM drop off to birth parents. To say we were apprehensive would be an understatement.

We dropped off the girls and for the first time while we were sad the girls weren't with us, we actually did not cry as we left the parking lot. This is a pretty huge step for us, we usually sob (both of us) as we leave the shopping center. It was really kind of weird. D looked at me and said - you should go spend the day at the Spa and I think I'm going to hire someone to paint the fence. It's hot and we should treat ourselves, we worked really hard this week. He didn't have to twist my arm. I went home, vacuumed and washed my car and got a massage appointment and ran down to the spa at the Mission Inn, check it out here. As an aside - I can promise you if I EVER, I mean when, not if - I win the lotto or become a gazallionare I will be putting a eucalyptus steam room in my house, after I adopt all of the kids in the world, give a boatload of money to fund research for Infertility, Cancer, Aids and the Democratic Party. The one part about this spa that I truly, truly love is the Eucalyptus steam room. For someone who is prone to allergies and rarely gets to inhale clean air - this is SUCH a treat. I could spend all day in that steam room. Hey does anyone remember the episode on Charlie's Angels when someone gets locked in the dry steam room? Ok, I digressed enough. The massage was delightful and the masseuse was able to work out some kinks in my upper back, neck and shoulders which is where all of my stress ends up. After three hours of pretending I was a princess I decided it was time to get back to reality and met D for lunch. I spent the remainder of the day studying and D and I enjoyed our day. It was reminiscent of our life before the girls, which was not all that bad.


While working on a bibliography for my Teaching and Cultural diversity class, I came across this book about a very young Martin Luther King Jr., written by his sister. It's a beautiful book about the prolific civil rights leader as a young child, a viewpoint we really have never seen before. It's very difficult to not get teary-eyed while reading this treasure.


I went to the mall today for my dad's fiance's Grand opening trend show event extravaganza. Her salon is located in our mall and my parents business has manufactured all of the fixtures. Did you just read the last line and say WTF ( Her parents business and her Dad's fiancee) Sorry - real quick diversion here - My dad and mom are divorced, they still own a business together and my dad is engaged to a really cool lady (introduced by yours truly) and both she and my mom get along. I know weird, but it works. Anywho, my nephew and SIL were both in the- very cutting edge, Aveda product- trend show and he was adorable. Here are some pix.

Dad + Ella ( my niece)

Cole + Tricia
Walking down the catwalk

The models...


I decided to torture myself today and go shopping for a new bra. This painstaking event is right up there with getting my yearly Pap or eyebrows waxed. I managed to get out of Nordstroms with 2 bras and a small amount of my self esteem. I'm so thoroughly disgusted with my body. Did I also mention I'm pretty upset with the inside parts that make me reproductively challenged as well? Don't mind me - I'm totally bitching up a storm about this and I have no game plan as of yet. This whole schedule of work, grad school, pseudo/faux parenting gig all leave me tired, drained and not wanting to hop on the treadmill.


I got a "C" from one of my professors which really sucks because now I will have to re-take the course which will totally screw up my financial aid in all kinds of ways and this teacher is the only one who teaches it and he is kind of a prick. I'm seriously bummed and will try not to go on with my endless banter of making excuses and bitching but seriously - I received an A in my other class and I think this guy just really needs to pull his head out of his ass.


Ok, I get it - maybe I just can't do it all. Crap....I HATE admitting defeat. That so goes against who I'm and what makes me tick. I was a sore loser as a child also, it would kill me to lose at any board game or argument. After breaking my arm, I came to the dinner table and told my mom my arm was not broken it was simply fractured (obviously not knowing that word also means "to break") and I just needed an ace bandage. She asked me to pick up the butter dish and pass it to her and I nearly passed out from the pain.


kate said...

Oh, you are SO avant-garde in your veggie display, and yes, it is rather phallic. But yay for the fresh zukes and cukes. Any day now ours will start producing... any day at all.

It sounds like even though Saturday started off kind of rough that it eventually got a lot better. I would LOVE a steam room (though maybe not eucalyptus as I am mildly allergic... lavender, maybe instead?), and I would KILL for a massage right now. I, too, carry my tension in my upper back and shoulders, and the only surefire way to release that tension is through massage or muscle relaxers.

And that spa is GORGEOUS. Someday when I come visit you, you are going to take me there, right?

And yeah, I totally did a double-take when you said "dad's fiancee" and "parent's business". But from what I gather, this isn't terribly uncommon for a couple who own a successful business to continue to co-own it post-divorce. My friend's divorced parents still co-own a spa/line of beauty products, and it seems to work for them.

It looks like the trend show was really cool. I love stuff like that, you know? And those are adorable kiddos!

I SO need to go bra shopping. Since starting the pill, I swear my boobs have grown an entire cup size. It's uncomfortable. As a young teen, I always fretted my tiny boobs and now as a big fat adult, I wish they were smaller. But anyway, not much can be done about this now- the fact remains that I really need to buy some new bras, and, like you, I fucking HATE bra shopping. And I need to find an eyebrow waxer (thanks for that reminder...) around here, 'cos I totally just overtweezed my brows ('cos I'm an idiot).

Screw your professor. I can't believe he gave you a "C". That so sucks.

Yeah, I hate when I have the realization that I can't do everything. But I'm SUPERWOMAN! I'm SMART! I'm CAPABLE! Of COURSE I can do it all! Ummm, yeah. Not so much. I think the older I get the more I accept the fact that I sometimes just have to pace myself. Doesn't mean I like it, though, you know?

Feh. You WILL get through it all. It sucks right now, but I know that you're organized and clever enough to figure out a way to make things work as best you can for yourself.

Io said...

You dirty girl with your phallic veggies!
I'm grilling some zucchini for dinner tonight and I am oh so excited. I freaking LOVE grilled zucchini.

Hurry up and win the lottery so I can come and have a spa day at your house with your millions of kids.

I can't believe a C means you have to take the class again! That is beyond crappy :(

I feel you on the doing everything - I love to overwhelm myself with stuff. Hang in there.

Wishing 4 One said...

I just LOOOVE your updates! Should I comment on each one, I should but am making dinner now (its almost here in Cairo).

Anywho, (love it) so glad you had a great massage and I am with io when you get that steam room lets all steam up and talk about kids while we watch your thousands run around. Have a great rest of the week.