Thursday, July 10, 2008

Crossing paths

Right now, I wish I was here....the peace and tranquility are just oozing out of the picture. Can you feel it? I can.

Instead I'm sitting in class with the most boring professor EVER!

I had a really cool thing happen today, I met with a retiree who used to work within our County system in the "post-adoption" unit. She was gracious and kind enough to share some hints and right away gave me two different contacts who are still in the department and asked me to please mention her name. I could barely contain my excitement, could it be, dare I say -- A break, some good luck headed our way? Time will tell. I will be calling the contacts tomorrow and hoping for the best, expecting little.

Isn't it funny when we are placed in front of other's and can benefit from these chance encounters. Or when we can benefit someone, I love that feeling. Is it chance? Is it fate? Was it in the cards? I don't know.

The last four posts have been food related... I think my theme is switching to travel.

This picture is from the July issue of Travel and Leisure in the Ile de Re article. I'm overwhelmed by the beauty of this picture.


Io said...

Damn, I need a vacation. That looks so great.
I hope know that you "know" people, it will have some great results!

Io said...

I seriously just spelled now with a k. I really do need a vacation.

kate said...

Man, that is BEAUTIFUL. I keep telling H that he needs to take me to Mexico to work on my Spanish, but he's not having it. Feh.

And that is SO COOL! I hope your new contacts work out amazingly! I love when serenditpitous things happen. So cool.