Monday, July 7, 2008


I know you are just dying to know what else I purchased at the health food store, she says sarcastically.

I was looking for some yogurt to make my morning protein shake with and came across yogurt made with goats milk. I'm fairly open-minded but when it comes to dairy, I have a difficult time with taste and texture. The taste reminds me of eating grass and since I have been to see the goats at the fair, I know they eat grass which just totally grosses me out. The after taste is just a little bitter and dare I say - grassy. I'm thinking of adding some honey to it.

I mixed it with blueberries and bananas this morning, maybe it was the fruit? Urghhh.

Does anyone have any suggestions?


Ally said...

Hmm..I wish I could help. I like the taste of yogurt, but the texture icks me out. I can only eat a little bit at a time before it starts to make me gag.

What a nice comment to add to your post asking for help. Sigh-I'm a doofus.

Emily said...

Make cheese?

Io said...

I have no clue what you can do with it.

Ally said...

On a semi-related note, Kara, are you all set for the new season of No Reservations?? Yay!

kate said...

I have a suggestion.

THROW IT AWAY. Goat's milk SUCKS. Well, except when it's made into cheese, and then it's fine, and the grassy tang actually adds something. But for (virtually) raw milk purposes, it's NASTY.

I'd say if you're bent on using it, try some sort of recipe where you'd cook it, but aside from the actual creation process, I can't think of a time when one cooks the yogurt. Maybe drain it and mix it with garlic/onion/herbs and make a dip? Or just THROW IT AWAY BECAUSE IT'S NASTY.

I mean, just my opinion...

Kara said...

I just wrote a long response and was unable to post. Thanks Blogger. Maybe blogger like Goat product.

Kate - You are on fire today, cracking me up - left and right.

Io- That was the exact same sound that I made Ewwwwww, followed by a few other choice words.

Ally - Other than trying durian one time, this experience was something out of an AB/NR episode. I remember that it was starting back up soon but I need to check the exact day and time so I can set our TIVO thingy.

Emily - I love cheese and if I had time I would love to do that, sadly - I have no time so will probably have to throw it out. :-(

You guys made my day :-)

Deb said...

I'd add some real yogurt, then remove the goat's milk yogurt from the recipe entirely, because I'm steadfastly boring that way.

I like your blog. I just dropped you an email with a request to publish on Blog Nosh Magazine. I hope you'll consider it!

Her Grace said...

Can't help you, I can barely handle yogurt :).

Grassy -- yuuuuuck.