Sunday, July 6, 2008

I've been cheating

on my boys.... Ben and Jerry, with a lady named Julie. Shhhh... don't tell Duane!

Our local health food store has been putting forth a noticeable effort to provide more variety and have recently expanded their ice cream line. I was in the store today to pick up more Australia Tea Tree oil (homeopathic remedy for lice) and noticed these lovelies calling my name. Tonight, I tasted Blackberry Ice cream covered in dark chocolate. They aren't mentioned on the website which worries me, I hope they are not being discontinued, I'm sure the other flavors are just as wonderful.
Now, if I could only get Clark's to carry wine and get rid of their eye-blinding fluorescent lighting I would probably do my shopping there weekly.

This is the best ice cream I think I've EVER had.


Ally said...

Yum! The idea of blackberry ice cream with a lovely dark chocolate coating sounds very, very good! I don't think I've ever seen this brand of ice cream in the store, but now I must look!

Maddie's Mom said...

That sounds heavenly. I will have to keep my eyes open for that brand.

Io said...

God, I love good blackberry ice cream. Dark chocolate with it just might send me over the edge.

kate said...


You are evil. Eeeeevil.

I'm trying desperately to avoid the high fat shit, but now I have to have an ice cream bar, preferably one of those.

Dammit. Looks. So. Good.

katd said...

Oh. YUM. That makes me want to get in the car NOW and go get some:)