Saturday, July 19, 2008

Weekend update

I have to wake up in six short hours so I gotta make it fast.

So much to little time.

With our ever-expanding "to-do" list screaming in our faces, D and I threw caution to the wind (basically gave our to-do list- the big fat bird) and bought tickets to go watch the Angels and Bo-Sox play Saturday. Now, I've watched the movie "Fever Pitch", I had a vague idea of how reverent and insane Bo-sox fans are, with that being said, until you have an opportunity to experience the craziness in real life.... do not underestimate the power of the Boston Red sox fan.

We contacted stubbhubb, purchased tickets, picked up my mamacita and drove to the stadium. As we sat down in our seats - cursing the poor kid who we placed the order with who swore the seats were in the shade (I thought he had some internet-data base thingy where all the shade bearing seats were located in all stadiums - I don't think it sounds too far-fetched, D erupted with laughter as I explained my theory in depth - I will save you all from my insanity as you experience enough of my craziness as the loyal readers of my blog ) and plastered a good portion of my all time favorite sunscreen across my body. As I looked around, in my peripheral vision I noticed a sea of crimson, a darker shade than our "Angel" red we normally see and let out a vocalized "Hmph". My mom and I - at the exact same time leaned toward each other and muttered the exact same statement - "Well, we always wanted to visit Boston". The Angels are "our" team, it's our home team, the team we grew up watching, cheering for and the stadium wherein D and I had our first date, yet we were surrounded by the famous non-rhotic accent that defines all people from the Boston/New England area and their Boston Red sox gear. Some folks wore their traditional crimson red with blue t-shirts, lots of little kids wearing red socks, some decided to wear a hint of green paying homage to the Green monster and many wore some kind of clothing that adorned my favorite symbol of all. The symbol I relate to most regarding my heritage and considered getting tattooed. If I wasn't a fan of the Angels, I think Bo-sox would be my next choice.

It warms my heart to see loyal fans travel far distances and the couple sitting behind us had drove from Phoenix to watch their beloved Sox play... that is love. Loyalty is a beautiful thing that we just don't see anymore - from friendships and marriages to the mundane of retail shopping.

Sadly, after drinking beer in the 85 degree heat while rooting for our guys and having rubbed way too much sunscreen into my eyes we were all ready to move toward a cooler climate at the end of 6th inning. It had been a slow game and after watching the Angels not score a single run we decided to call it a day. We cheered in the car as they pulled it together in the seventh inning and ended up winning the game.


My dad who shares my love of bread - we affectionately call each other bread whores because we both will basically eat any decent bread, picked up some of our favorite bread ever. While he was doing some business on Saturday in San Diego he decided to stop in at one of the best bakeries ever -Bread and Cie and purchased our regular faves: Fig and Anise, Lemon bread, french batard and jalapeno cheese. He called to let us know he returned with the *goods* and wanted us to know that he had experienced his first gay pride parade. The bakery is located in Hillcrest where the annual Gay Pride Parade for San Diego is held and widely accepted. It left him feeling happy that people could be themselves and be so accepted and he gave us a rundown on all the wild and crazy costumes. I'm so lucky to have such open-minded parents.


Today, we enjoyed sleeping in until 7:00 AM and D made breakfast. We spent three hours getting ready and finally after packing nearly every item contained within our home we left for the beach. YAY - it was the girls first time at seeing the ocean. Little girl kept calling it the pool and I had an Epiphany. I now completely understand why everyone wants a *little* baby. Little girl was super cuddly today and after singing "Five little monkeys"she kept resting her little head on my shoulder and it was really just the best feeling in the ENTIRE world. I think there is something inherent in the female composite that feeds our soul when we get to hold a little one. When their head rests against our shoulders and their little hand clings to our back, ahhhh. Think about it - every time a baby or little one is around women fight to hold the warm ball of sweetness.

Big girl loved the ocean water and had a superb time with D, he is such an amazing father, I will really miss watching him play with her. His kindness and patience is overwhelming and I'm reminded of how lucky I'm to be married to such a great guy. Don't get me wrong, he has his moments but overall - I totally scored.


I'm not looking forward to this next week, we have to start packing the girls belongings, I have finals (finally, it's the last week of summer school) and we got invited to a mini-high school reunion for D that is schedules for August 2nd - YIKES that is just three short weekends away, meaning, I need to really eat clean this week.

Peace out, be good humans!


Io said...

Sounds like a good weekend! (And mmmm...the bread sounds delicious. I could never do the low carb diet.)
I'm sorry it's coming to a close, this whole chapter with the girls. I know it will be good to be able to move on, but. Yeah, you know.

kate said...

What a nice weekend.

Man, that bread has me salivating! As you know, I'm sure, I'm SO JEALOUS of your school term being over so soon. I have three more suffering weeks to deal with. I could probably eat three loaves of bread myself right now. Of course, after the weekend I had where I ate Taco Bell, Sonic burgers, a sausage biscuit, a stromboli, eggs benedict, and pizza, I practically devoured the spinach salad with veggies and hummus that I had for dinner last night. I am officially on a vegetable detox for a couple of days, so sadly, I just have to drool over your descriptions of bread instead of actually eating any. For now.

And yeah. Every now and then, Heiko really reminds me why I lovelovelove him so much. I mean, I love him every day, but when he said last night, "Kate, let me do all the cleanup so you can go study." and then didn't complain when I just blogged and watched TV instead, well- I just knew that my husband had to be the nicest, most tolerant man on the planet. I would have kicked my ass if I was him, but instead, he just let me do my thing. Sigh. What a nice dude.

Here's to a quick end to the summer school misery for you this week. Best of luck on your finals and on making it through without killing the most boring professor on the planet. You can do it!

Barb said...

It really does sound like you have an amazing family. And aaaaaaaaaaaaahh.. the bread!!! I want some!

Interesting note about the little ones.

katd said...

What a great weekend. How awesome, too, that you could take the girls to the ocean. That is something that they will never forget, and I'm so glad they could share it with you guys.
And you're right about holding a snuggly child; there is nothing like it.