Monday, August 11, 2008

Look at that sky, life's begun

Nights are warm and the days are young. I got a healthy dose of Bowie this morning while I was getting ready and "Golden Years" playing over and over again. Our nights (and days) are quite warm, here on the surface of the sun. I can't complain too much though, it doesn't seem nearly as hot as it has been in the past.

D and I watched PS- I Love You on Thursday night. Excellent movie, it got two very big thumbs up from both of us. My favorite things about the movie were the scenes of the Irish countryside and Harry Connick Jr. whom I just simply adore. The music was great, the scenes from NYC were cool and it was a great roller coaster ride of emotions, the perfect depiction of love.

Friday watched me run around town like a mad woman. Breakfast with a good friend I haven't seen in awhile and then over to her new classroom to help her decorate. Walking onto Michelle's new school campus and helping her really sparked my enthusiasm to get into a classroom. I picked up decorations ("Cars" themed) for my Dad's birthday and met his fiancee at his house were we "broke in" and obnoxiously taped all kinds of decorations in his living room and dining room. He was out at an appointment and came back -pleasantly surprised. I drove out to one of our favorite BBQ restaurants to pick up food and we all met at back at his house.

Saturday was no less hectic. My Aunt turned 50 and her husband threw her a surprise party that she ended up finding out about. It was still fun and she had a great time. He hired a local rock band that played alot of AC/DC, Rush, Van Halen and some of their own material. There was some anxiety surrounding that event.... An ex-boyfriend was supposed to show up and thankfully didn't. Talk about dodging a bullet. When we dated, I was a size 6 and quite perky. Things have changed.... we will just leave it at that. I have to say that while I'm no longer a size 6 and gravity has affected things I do have a better sense of who I am and was out on the dance floor having a blast. Having an amazing/handsome husband and my makeup professionally applied at Nordstrom's were great additions to the ego boost, as well.

Knowing that our Saturday would be a late night, we stayed here and yes, it was amazing to be perched high above the Pacific Ocean. We had an awesome brunch were we met my mom and Aunt and feasted on Steak & Egg's Benedict. YUM. I would show you pictures but - Oh yeah, I don't have a camera. My Aunt mentioned that while she was apologizing for the complete mess that was the state of her car interior the valet attendant mentioned that he has seen worse from movie stars and famous people. The worst one ever being that of Jane's Addiction front man Perry Ferrall. Yep, I'll be back- a chance to meet Perry?

Oh yeah.


The best part of the ENTIRE weekend was playing with my cousin's Garrett and Cassidy in the pool at the hotel. Long gone are the days of Marco Polo. They taught D and I all about Sharks and Minnows, Power Tag and watching them "surf" on D's back.

Another great moment was watching my Aunt Bridget sing " Me and Bobby McGee" and where she was supposed to say Bobby she inserted Patty (My aunt who turned 50). Very cool because that is our maiden name - McGee.

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Io said...

Oh, is there a bigger blow to the ego than seeing an old boyfriend who remembered you as skinny? Ug.
Sounds like you had a great weekend!