Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Fertile Soil

After having dinner with D's parents last night, D and I crashed and he was sound asleep as I was laying there determining if I wanted to read or go through the DVR. I remembered that I recorded the Today show so I could watch their special piece about "Reconsidering Infertility". Let's face it, the Today show is like the TV version of People magazine complete with Matt Lauer eye candy, I kept my expections low - and with good reason.

The feature yesterday focused on the combination of Western and Eastern medicine coming together to combat such things as stress, negativity and loss that goes in conjunction with infertility. Not necessarily groundbreaking. The subject of the piece was Dr. Radine Lewis who they should have been focusing on during the piece instead of the woman who had secondary infertility which granted, is horrible and terrible and bad - however it is not the same as "Experiencing Infertility."

I had completely dismissed Dr. Lewis as the camera crew focused on her program participants doing yoga, getting massages, etc. It looked like a day spa, whatever. Then I read her story on her web site this morning and it hit a nerve. I wasn't diagnosed with PCOS, endo nor are we experiencing low sperm count, I have what is called Unexplained Infertility and it's a bitch of a diagnosis. It is the same thing Dr. Lewis was diagnosed with and she had been on chlomid. Suddenly, she was back in my good graces though there is still one foot on dock - at this point. I plan to do further research to find out if this is a valid treatment or just snake oil.

While I completely believe that yoga, acupuncture and positive self - visualization are all positive attributes to clean, healthy, hippie living. I am not convinced these items combined will find me pregnant.

Dr. Lewis' program is called fertile soul, should you want to check it out. Meredith Viera called it fertile soil - twice, what a ditz.


Io said...

Heh. Yeah, I'm pretty sure they won't get me knocked up either.
I still haven't seen any of the segments. Mostly because I have been sleeping until it's time for me to run to work.

Barb said...

Dr. Lewis is very respected and wrote a book called, "The Infertility Cure" that is actually very interesting. Don't be turned off the title. It's a little heavy on the TCM is a miracle aspect, but is very very good.