Thursday, September 18, 2008


I watched the latest installment from The Today show "Reconsidering Infertility" last night and it was quite interesting. They focused on male factor infertility issues and while I would love to re-cap details of the first individual in focus I am unable to do so because D woke up and out of nowhere wanted to recap the details of our first meeting with the RE and testing at Kaiser. Oh, how I love to walk down that memory lane - NOT.

The second person in focus was an interesting case. Example #2 actually worked on the Today show as a camera man and wife works as a teleprompter person there as well. #2, at a young age, was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma and treated successfully. He was young and his mom told him that he had to bank his sperm ( Way to go Mom - she was on it!) as they would not survive the effects of chemo. With a new procedure that is currently in place they were able to "revitalize" the sperm and make non viable sperm turn into viable sperm. They did 4 IVF cycles and spent 40K. I hated how Matt Lauer spoke like this couple were the only ones on the planet who have ever done this. They now have their miracle baby.

Somehow, hearing about how he survived cancer and for years thought his sperm would not be viable but now they are - it actually made me a little depressed. We don't have cancer (Thank God), we don't have this unusual story - we just want a kid.


Emily (Apron Strings) said...

I hear ya, Kara. I certainly hear ya.

Sometimes I wonder if this is supposed to be my cross to bear for having such a good life up until now.

Some people get cancer and are able to have kids.

Some people have a child born fighting to survive ... and still lose that child. And are STILL able to have another child less than a year later. (No ... not bitter at all. Nope. Not even a TAD.)

Some people have infertility and, well ...

I guess we just have to hold on tight to see what comes out of THIS challenge.

Hugs, Girl. Thanks for the pep talk last night, too.

You're Awesome.

Barb said...

I get it.