Wednesday, September 24, 2008


The new job is keeping me quite busy and seems to have lit the fire under my ass that has been missing. I am actually quite excited as I will have several writing/marketing pieces or projects to be responsible for. Nothing too exciting - amending our CalPERS defined retirement benefit contracts (woo-hoo), communication pieces sent to employees with their paychecks (Does anyone seriously read these) and most interesting is putting together a educational program for our younger employees to inform them of our amazing retirement plan.

October 6th - I move into a bigger cubicle, I hate - really hate cube life. It bites. I also find out if I pass the CSET or not that day.

The promotion has been a bit of a roller coaster ride, I will admit that I *repeatedly* told D I was going to quit if I wasn't given the promotion because I was simply over it. Long story short - I was over-looked for this same position a year ago, once I obtained my degree and I was not going to sit by and watch them replay the scene. No.Thank.You.

So I went through the process and jumped through the hoops...

Hoop 1. Interview with Direct Manager - Aced it.

Hoop 2. Interview with Department Manager - It was bizarre, he is bizarre - anyway, I did OK and got bumped up to the final round

Hoop 3. Interview with Deputy Director of HR. - We have a good relationship, we spoke and the conversation ended with "Congratulations".

I came back to the department to let my direct manager know and then she announced it today, so the last 24 hours have been filled with me wanting to jump out of my own skin and scream.

Imagine how happy I was to see the formal announcement today. I think hoops one through three took about two weeks though the position has been open and I have been doing the work since July. Um, ok?

Things that make me sad -

Realizing that we stopped our Infertility treatments one year ago this month (Thank you Kaiser for sending me that handy little invoice for $15.00 yet they felt it pertinent to show how much we have spent since August, 2006 on Infertility -fuckers)

Seeing the book - "Biscuit" in the grocery store yesterday, totally reminded me Big Girl which led to consequent thoughts of how she is doing in school.

My dad, he managed to make me really, really sad today -it's a really long story.

Things that make me happy -

My promotion was announced today and it's official!

I will be back in San Diego this weekend to party with girlfriends - YAY.

The surface of the sun is cooling down and it is bearable to live here.



Io said...

Yay for promotion and seeing friends and not burning up.

Boo for all the reminders of what could have been but wasn't. (hugs)

I hope you don't work *too* hard at your new position...

kate said...

I am so thrilled that you got your promotion! Woohoo! Go, Kara, GO!!!