Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I've been fighting something.

I thought my allergies were acting up and this morning when I woke up my throat was aching in pain. The last thing I want to do is speak today and it just so happens that I have a million phone calls to make (OK, a bit of an exaggeration), 3 retiree counseling sessions and a presentation to our Management team. Oh joy.

This morning, Duane (God love him) could tell I was not my normal self and even re-heated my coffee because he wanted it to be hot, once I got out of the shower. He turns on the shower and brings me coffee each morning. It makes up for the other shit he does that drives me bonkers.

I am hitting the Airborne, as we speak. Any other office friendly remedies? Please share.

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kate said...

Oh, no! I'm sorry you're getting sick. I'm sure you remember from my blog that I recently had the crud. Nice to see that it's made it to the west coast.

The best office-friendly remedy that I rely on is Ricola cough drops. They don't taste terrible, and they make your throat feel better (and help relieve a cough if you have one of those, too). In addition, whatever tea is your favorite with a spoonful of honey does wonders for a snot-situation. Peppermint is also good if you have congestion because the vapors can help clear your sinuses.

If you're one of "those" kinds (ya hippie!), I hear the salt water/neti pot thing can work wonderfully. I'm too gagged by the salt-water-in-my-nose thing. Eeeew.

It also goes without saying that lots of water is also your friend. Stay hydrated, and get thee straight to bed when you get home! Oh, and contrary to popular belief, orange juice can actually make your sore throat worse because of the acid, so if you're going for the vitamin C therapy, stick with pills or other, non-acidy sources.

Of course, the best remedy is Thera-Flu, and lots of it. But it can't be the "daytime" formula- it has to be the "knock-you-on-your-ass" kind. Which means it's not very office friendly, unless your office doesn't mind a drooly employee.

I'm sorry you're not feeling well, and I hope you feel better soon!