Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Finally... on board

It's taken me quite sometime to get over the loss of Hillary as our party's candidate of choice. After watching the debate this evening, I feel confident in voting for Barack. This has been a long and personal journey for me - I don't want to go into the why or how, I do have a few comments from the debate.

McCain - Don't call me your friend (that was so demeaning, BTW) and don't compare yourself to Tip O'Neil. No, I disagree, sir - social security will not be just "be solved." We have the largest number of people retiring and collecting on social security. Get the facts man, it's only secured until 2041. I believe in this country also, it's future, it's greatness - you are simply not part of the plan.

What happened to the top of Tom Brokaw's lip? It has been disappearing over the years and now it is completely gone.

Is anyone else completely CREEPED out by Cindy McCain and seriously how *normal* does Michelle Obama look. I would be her friend.

My gut feeling is good for both Barack and Michelle and at this point I am close to calling our local field office and see if they can put a banner on the side of my house.

ONE, count them - ONE month from tonight. Get out, Vote and let's get the Country back on track!


kate said...

I'm glad you've settled yourself! I wish I could... every time I come close, he does or says something so jackassed that I have to scream at the television. Of course, I scream at EVERY McCain ad, and only at about half of Obama's, so I guess that shows who I have to vote for.

Do you know that that middle-pandering jackass (aka Obama) is running ads here talking about how he supports the NRA? And how he thinks there need to be "reforms" to gun control laws? WHAT. THE. FUCK??? So, the day after a teenage girl was shot in broad daylight on her front porch here in W-S, I see an ad from Obama telling me how we need to "reform" our gun control laws in favor of the NRA??? Every single time I get close to getting over it, he pulls some shit like this and I get pissed off all over again.

I mean, it can't be McCain- he's delusional AND he chose a religious-nut woman-hating woman as his running mate. It cannot be McCain, but neither am I thrilled that Obama can't stand up and be a damn liberal! Your party chose you because they thought you best matched their views, and so, guess what? We don't want you to "reform" abortion laws or gun control! Gah! And the middle doesn't believe him ANYWAY, so all it does is serve to piss off his own party.

I mean, if I'm searching desperately for a reason to support Obama, and constantly being shut down by his pandering crap, then something is seriously wrong with his campaign. Really.

Seriously, though, I still hold that I want to be woken up on Nov. 5th, and miss all the crap between now and then. I can't wait until I don't have to hear about this contest ever again.

Barb said...

Some of the above points are precisely why I research the issues myself and try to ignore ads and only watch debates to see how the candidates handle themselves, not for content. By the way.. I'm more middle, and I like Obama. :) Ok, I'm left leaning middle, but still.

I think Cindy McCain seems classy, but her wealth and the obvious traces of that wealth make it difficult for me to identify with her. I just identify more with Michelle because she seems more like me.

I put a bumper sticker on my car for the first time ever yesterday.