Sunday, October 5, 2008

Friends, SNL and Grandparents

Wow - what a week... honestly - it's been beyond busy. In one week, I have had a good friend lose a parent, had a different and equally good friend be involved in a life threatening car accident which she *literally* walked away from- thanks to German Engineering and watch another really good friend assist her husband as they mourn the passing of his Grandmother.

That is three right? They come in three's and honestly, I am afraid to answer the phone at this point. The phone ringing and offering more *bad/sad* news should not be a problem as my cell phone has bit the dust, as in- no longer playing the game of life. I get the replacement phone tomorrow.

SNL was great - Tina Fey does a better Sara Palin than Sara Palin. Tina rocks and as far as I am concerned - she should run for President. Hmmmm I wonder who would be a good VP for her. I think Steve Martin would be great or how about Amy Poehler? Wow, could America handle having two - count-em two females in charge? Sorry for the sarcasim. No, I am not.

Lastly, I need to remember (before I start complaining) that I am 36 years old and have had 2 Grandparents (out of5) for the better part of my life. I lost my Grandma Kitty ( mom's mom) when I was 6th Grade and two Grandfather's within the last 10 years. I need to appreciate the Grandparents that are still around and try to be a bigger portion of their life. With that being said, my Grandpa was admitted to the hospital today and his health is declining. He is in need of round the clock care and it's just really quite sad. I've mentioned this before and I'll state it again - I was the first and only grandchild for 7 years and there is a collection style photo frame that hangs in my Grandfather's place and shows me at a specific age and place. I want to say I was around age 6 and we might have been at the zoo? One of the pictures in this collection is of an ape with the same color hair that I had at the time - Orangatang orange? Not exactly sure why the photo was included, but as my dad and I discussed his belongings and how he was going to try to start contacting his siblings to determine who will get what - I suddenly thought of this framed photo montage and the way it fills my heart with joy and happiness when I look at it.

My Grandfather is a persnickety and quirky fellow who oddly and infrequently shows personal affection. This photo frame that hung prominently in his dining area of me was, I believe, his special way of saying he loved/loves me.

Here is wishing eveyone a week filled with humor, fun and love because God knows we all have enough shit to sift through.

Who want to run away here with me?

We will eat bread with gobs of unsalted butter, drink wine in copious amounts and visit Jim (and company) at Pere Lachaise.


kate said...

Urg, what a week! Sucky for you and I'm so sorry for all of your friends who have been dealing with all of this as well.

And YES. I am totally running away with you to Paris. So maybe when we go to Vegas we should stay at the Paris hotel since I can't afford the $$ to Euro conversion right now!

Emily said...

Oh honey - what a shitty week! I'm thinking of you and your friends and hoping that this week is so much better!

Ahhhhh Paris... I think Paris is my favouritest city in the world. I never tire of going there and could spend whole days in grocery stores there! Bliss!