Monday, October 6, 2008


Missed it by two points.... URGHHHHH

Next test date is Saturday November 1st and I'll be actually cracking open the CSET study guide, this time.

I know, I know...


kate said...

Aww, dude! Just two points??? That SUCKS!

But actually, if you're only off by 2 points and you haven't even cracked the guide yet, then you're doing AWESOME! Go, Kara!

I know that next time will be the one.

Ally said...

Aaargh! I'm so sorry-that's completely frustrating. I believe it's worse to miss by a few points than it is to completely bomb out on something. Being close? Stinks. But here's to hoping next time is the charm, my dear!

And, about running away? I'm a fabulous tour guide in France. I'd be happy to come along!

Reggie Boppy said...

Awww...that sucks! I'm sorry. But on the bright side, 2 points is pretty close. That test is a beast.

Barb said...

DOH! That sucks! So close!