Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I'mmmmm back

I'am back (promise to post soon about company travel adventure from hell) and nearly fell off of my chair when I looked at the amount of comments in my google reader -111 and I have spent the last 45 minutes glancing through and only go to 91. Shit.

I have some family crap to deal with, I am hoping it will resolve and dissipate. My solution before heading to dinner with said family member who might send me to an early grave was popping a happy pill - and what do you know, man that shit works and it works good. I was so relaxed I nearly fell asleep at the table - but it was sucess. No crying, no screaming and no snide remarks. Of course, I had a total meltdown as soon as we got home which just so happened to be the fourth hour after I had taken the dose. I have an appointment scheduled with a psychologist tomorrow at Kaiser, it was either tomorrow or December 2nd and frankly - I am hanging by a thread at this moment who know where I would be by 12/02.

I know alot of my emotion stems from family crap and is combined with missing the girls in this INSANE way and all other things Infertility related. I am sure being in school full time/working full time and doing a career change are all related to my feelings of being overwhelmed.

Deep breath. Deep breath. Deep breath.


Io said...

big hugs lady. Keep breathing...

Emily (Apron Strings) said...

I've been thinking lots about you, Kara. As Io says, keep breathing. HUGS!