Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Youth vote was the best turnout EVER.

Latinos who voted for Bush in the last election, voted for Obama.

Teachers will tell all kids in classrooms tomorrow that ANYONE can be President of the United States and now they will all believe it because it's the truth.

It doesnt get much better than this....It's hope and it's the prospect of change (I think we are all in agreement our great country needs).


heather said...


Emily said...

I am thrilled for you and all Americans - I think as an outsider it was clear that Obama was the best thing for your country and its such a relief to see that you all agree.

Watching his speech last night made ME cry so I can't imagine what it was like for you! xoxo

Io said...

Ha! Sorry I was incoherent and sobby last night - I'm just so happy.

And I live in a blue state! Heee!

kate said...

I know! It's so weird to live in a state where my vote might actually have counted for something. After all the years in Texas, it's weird to be thinking about the election returns for NC (which still weren't back as of the time of this reporting, though it's looking like it's Obama by a nose).

Mostly, though, I'm just totally thrilled for the senate elections. How frickin' COOL!

Kara said...

Thanks for stopping by Heather, I checked out your blog and will be catching up soon!

Emily - It was quite moving and I think/hope/pray that change is on the way. It is refreshing to have hope again.

Io- Welcome to the Blues (states, that is). You have been with Obama on the long haul - you deserve to celebrate at length.

Kate - Hey, why did it take so long to tabulate your ballots, aren't you guys doing electronic? Our electronic booths got dumped and we are back to paper. YAY - our party is in charge of things, let's hope change is on the way. January can't get here quick enough.