Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Motivation came knocking this week when we came to work on Monday and discovered our "big cheese" had been let go. Without going into too much detail, or rather without giving myself enough rope to hang myself - I will just have to say that the reason presented to the group and the actual reason why he was let go - are very different, however, there are truths to both. Are you picking up what Iam putting down?

I guess we all get lackadaisical at our jobs, however, after learning about his departure and the ensuing budget problems that will result in decreases in our staff, then benefits and finally pay, everyone is suddenly*the model employee* which translates into some version of the stepford employee. It's almost like some sick reality show called "Who will be lucky enough to keep their job". Well, not everyone is motivated in that capacity- I am suddenly motivated to pass the CSET and become a teacher like never before. I guess it was the shot in the arm that I needed. I struggle with - well alot, but mostly because I have a great career and feel very settled in my job and in the evening I play teacher. It's a farce. It's hard and I can't keep up the charade.

I am tired.

I feel like once I can make the career change, I can then think more clearly about our path to parenthood. There are a million *what if* scenarios and I could list them here but why, really?

I think I am also motivated because for the first time in a really long time I have hope that life in our great country is going to change for the better. While my ideals differ about some critical areas, I pick up on a sense of genuineness and sincerity when I see Obama near his children and can't help but think that is part of his innate personality that will ultimately spill over to his career.

Here's to motivation. What motivates you? Is there a particular guru? Mantra? Life event?


Jules said...

You're tired because you are living the life of 2, sometimes 3 people! Great post...I'm glad DKNY was the shot you needed to study for the exam. My Mister doesn't fid out until January if he keeps his job. W00t!

I differ with Obama on critical areas, too. But, having said that, in January he will be my President and I will support him and extend to him the respect the office deserves. And, I too get the feeling that he is genuine in his desire to do right by our country. My one fear is that some people are putting so, so, so much faith and hope in him. He is only one man! I heard on talk radio today someone said they voted for Obama because they will never have to worry about a late mortgage payment or the price of gas ever again. Oof!

He has such a tough job ahead of him.

Kara said...

J - Ahhh, thanks sweetie. I appreciate the kind words. I love your outlook *as usual* about giving respect and support. I completely agree - he has a tough road ahead of him and I thought it was smart of him (and his speech writers) to acknowledge that it will take more than one term to fix what plagues our great nation.

kate said...

At this point, the only thing motivating me is that I don't ever want to work again. Which means it behooves me to get good grades, so I work harder in hopes of getting good grades.

And yeah, I woke up this morning to read about the crisis state of universities around the country, and how one particular private school had just laid off their entire non-tenured faculty. And another had refused to give raises at all and had cut back on "non-essential" class offerings. And I actually started to fear for H's job. Which sucks.