Sunday, November 30, 2008

Where did it go?

My holiday break from work/weekend? It's missing, where did it go?

The last four days were a mere blur... then I woke up today thinking - oh shit, I have to go to work tomorrow. I am just not quite ready- Especially for school. Mr. Hottypants (btw, not nearly as smart as he appeared to be the first eve in class - big bummer) has got us writing papers left and right, one - the first which is due tomorrow and I have a SEVERE case of writer's block. Correction - make that writing school paper block, blogging seems to be coming very easily.

Painted living room- check

Put up Christmas Tree & inside decorations - check

Still need to find wrapping paper that appears to be MIA somewhere in the garage.

D has worked out of town lately and my mom kept me company yesterday. She inspired me to weed my front yard - yes, weed my front yard. While the sun is quick to shine and grow things, weeds are part of that lovely package. I took advantage of some nice cool weather and got my gloves on. Can I just tell you that I hate, really -really hate spiders. Well, not as much as I hate lice. I think I dislike lice more than spiders. After playing in the dirt, we decided to catch a movie and see Four Christmas'- highly recommended and they managed to save some funny parts for the movie. Go see it! Light, funny and very entertaining, not much else- however it was perfect for our evening.

This morning, I attended a party planning class at our local pottery barn with Jules. The highlight was sitting on a super comfy couch which is COMPLETELY overpriced and out of any normal price range. I could have taken a nap on it, completely enveloped me and reminded me of how much I can't stand our couch.

Ok - not much else to report. Here's wishing everyone a week filled with holiday cheer.

This week I start studying for the CSET - URGHHHHHHHH. I know your jealous.....

P.S. - If the economy gets any worse and I lose my job I have talked D into moving to Hawaii where we will sell all of our wordly possessions (I am going to have to keep a razor and still use my Fredric Fekkai shampoo and conditioner) and be high maintenance hippies - oh yeah with Vespa's and loads of sunscreen. I've already decided I want to work at the Grand Wailea, we stayed there for my dad's birthday 8 years ago and loved it. What could be horrible about working there?


Anonymous said...

OOoh Party Planning session at Pottery Barn sounds fab! Hope that writers block ends soon - that sucks!

Wishing 4 One said...

I say don't wait for it to get worse. Get a vespa, be a cool hippie and Goooooo! Kidding. But not a bad idea though if worse comes to worse. Better yet you could move to the Red Sea here to a place called Dahab and live like kings with American $'s. Anyway. hope things stay ok cause I bet you love where you are....just come visit someday ok? Glad you're well. Good luck with all your papers....

Karen said...

Vacations are good, but the day after a vacation is the pits! I woke up this morning and realized that I had done nothing productive for school all weekend. I told DH that I just want to stay home for the next few weeks and enjoy the season until my next vacation. How lazy is that?!

Emily (Apron Strings) said...

That's it. You, Duane, Hubby & me ... we're going to live off the land in Hawaii. I can at least climb up coconut trees for coconuts (it's the island girl in me). Now planting and gardening ... I think I might have to put that responsibility on you. 'Cause I suck at keeping things alive.

kate said...

Um, I'm SO coming with you guys. I figured out a while ago that if I'm not within a six hour drive of Austin, then it doesn't really matter where I am. And if it doesn't really matter, then I'd prefer to be someplace more exciting than this.

So, if you go, you have to get jobs for all of us friends in the blogosphere, too.